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In the last 10 years I recruited candidates at Macquarie Group, creating learning programs for Dept of Defence, managed projects & teams for GE, coordinated at Uni, Head of Design & now Partner at Rubik Financial, re-branded Financial Planning Association of Australia & Teachers Mutual Bank, team leader at Telstra, developed products for SAI Global, digitalised the first (NAPLAN) for ACARA, re-branded and created graphics for Total Alliance Health Partners International, created EDMs & catalogue for Dymocks Book Stores, & Partner for OzHosting.com

It’s all about Adaptation & being Resilient on the market. My MBA @ UTS Business School has given me a great way to think of innovation problem solving around the globe.

Observing the correlation between the corporation’s information technology capabilities and its business objectives, skilled business analysts contribute to the profitability of companies large and small, in most every industry.

Achieve corporate goals through projects that translate customer needs into new products, services, and profits.

  • Assisting with the business case
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Eliciting requirements
  • Requirements organisation
  • Translating and simplifying requirements
  • Requirements management and communication
  • Requirements analysis

Designing or reviewing of test cases, process change requests, and manage a project’s scope, acceptance, installation and deployment.

Core skills:

  • Written and verbal communication, including technical writing skills
  • Understanding of systems engineering concepts
  • The ability to conduct cost/benefit analysis
  • Business case development
  • Modelling techniques and methods
  • Leadership

Other Skills:

  • Implement advanced strategies for gathering, reviewing and analysing data requirements
  • Prioritise requirements and create conceptual prototypes and mock-ups
  • Strategic business process modelling, traceability and quality management techniques
  • Application of best practices for effective communication and problem-solving

I also achieved –

Founder of the Monash University LinkedIn Group

“John’s capacity includes an ability to identify with the values, mission and vision executing the goals concept to output. His integrity appreciating the development on functionality his creativity truly out-of-the-box…”

— Caroline Clarke, Director at SCM Services

“John is a partner of OzHosting.com, certainly a source of great opportunities.”

— Anthony Banek, CEO, Ozhosting.com, was with another company when working with John at OzHosting.com

“John is a great teacher and a great person. I have worked with him in many circumstances and he possesses strong communication skills as well as a strong attitude for problem solving. It is always a pleasure to talk about new strategies for the delivery of contents with him.”

— Enrico Caporali, Teacher, Academy of Information Technology, Sydney, worked directly with John at Academy Of Information Technology, ThoughtWorks

“John is a great professional and a friendly person. . He has a great working experience and he is always available to share his knowledge. Working with him is always a pleasure.”

— Sheila Capodanno, Online Communications Manager, RedHill Education, worked directly with John at Academy of Information Technology

“If you are looking for a creative individual with a passion for excellence, then look no further than John. It was a great experience working with John, and watching how he converted his passion into measurable results. I wish John every success, and would gladly work with him again.”

— David Golding, Senior Business Development Manager: Environment, Health and Safety, SAI Global Compliance, Asia Pacific, worked directly with John at SAI Global, Product Consultant at LEAP Legal Software. I help small law firms make more money by using LEAP.

“John is the most talented on-line and multi-media producer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is not only creative but also technically capable. I would have no hesitation in recommending John’s work.”

— Paul Oh, Head of Public Training, SAI Global, managed John indirectly at SAI Global, Global Product Strategist

“John is a focused and talented individual who provided quality work examples/client mock-ups and presentations that enhanced the business development function. I often required John’s design expertise for customised course materials within a tight time frame and he always came through. As a colleague he had a great sense of humour and positive perspective and always offered his assistance wherever it was needed.”

— Kate Hassen, Client Solutions Consultant/ Business Development Mgr, SAI Global, worked directly with John at SAI Global, Business Development Manager at Transformed Pty Ltd

“John has great technical expertise in the Adobe suite of products, using them to produce and edit various marketing and learning media. His experience in setting up and maintaining on-line portals will benefit any organisation looking to move into this space. He is a valuable asset to any team.”

— Natali Talevski, Project Executive, SAI Global, worked directly with John at SAI Global, Global Marketing Operations Manager at Integrated Research

“John is a highly skilled graphic , web designer and multimedia expert. During his time at SAI Global John has further developed his skills into content management and learning management system administration. John has an enormous amount of energy and passion and throws himself into any new challenge with a great deal of enthusiasm. He is a friendly and cheerful individual with a real ‘can do’ attitude. John has been an integral part of the product team at SAI Global and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with him.”

— Leigh Wilby, Learning Product Manager (APAC), SAI Global, managed John at SAI Global, Head of Learning Product Development at SAI Global Assurance Services

“This letter is my personal recommendation for John. Until just recently, I have been working with John for a while. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, John is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several tools for our company that have resulted in increased revenue. During his tenure, we saw an increase in profits and brand awareness. Though he was an asset to our training efforts, John was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to writing effective training modules, John assumed a leadership role in meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees. I highly recommend John for employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”

— John Ni, SBDM Asia and New Zealand – GRC, SAI Global, worked with John at SAI Global

“The business environment is complex and it really requires working with people that have the energy, focus and skills that meet the demands of the market. I can recommend highly the work of John Giovanni Raciti as an energetic, personable, skilled talent who goes the extra mile, believes passionately in creating value from his work and is committed to a strong work ethic based on values that matter to him and his workplace. I recommend John Giovanni Raciti.”

— Brett Allen, Director Sales and Marketing, Assurance Services – Australia, SAI Global, worked directly with John at SAI Global, Director Sales and Marketing, Assurance Services – Australia

“Hi John, Many thanks for your support and professionalism over the past year. It was great working with you. Wishing you a very best. Regards, Eve”

— Eve Novikov, Head of Training Services, SAI Global, worked directly with John at SAI Global

“John has is a great professional with a great range of experience. He is very friendly and an easy person to talk with. His experience will add quality to the company he work with. He is a great asset to the business.”

— Erwin Winata, Online Production Specialist, SENSIS PTY LTD, worked with John at Sensis, Business Development at ExecutiveAirTransport

“Although John did not report to me at Rubik, I worked very closely with him in many projects, which assisted in my role as Head of Sales. He was also very helpful, dedicated & talented in his graphic design role and I would also say, the most passionate person I have ever met. He is not only one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but he really knows what he is doing when it comes to graphic UI design. I would recommend John to any future employer who he considered worth approaching.”

— Steve Warren, Sales Director, Rubik Financial Limited, managed John indirectly at Rubik Financial Limited, Operations Supervisor at RTA Staff Credit Union Limited

“John is a very friendly and creative person with a lot of idea in his mind. He is also a good team player that pay attention to all of the group members – I would recommend to any employer who is looking for employee with all heart in his tasks ahead.”

— Sahat Boen, Support Developer, Rubik Financial Limited, worked with John at Rubik Financial Limited

“John is a talented person in Graphic UI design and is passinate about his work. His knowledge in Graphic UI design and communication skills are excellent. He is reliable and very easy to get a long with.”

— Ben Nguyen, Support Developer and Web Designer, Rubik Financial Limited, worked with John at Rubik Financial Limited, Systems Analyst at Ebix Australia

“John rides the cutting edge of design and design technology. In an age experiencing such rapid transformation through the presence of ubiquitous technology and mobile devices, a designer who can keep abreast of these changes and think toward the future market as well as the present is a jewel. John is that man, and I recommend him to you.”

— Anthony Fawcett, Migrations and Security Manager, Rubik Financial Technology LTD, worked with John at Rubik Financial Limited, Developing and Designing at Guardian Global Systems

“John is passionate about his work as a web and graphics designer. His energy and enthusiasm has resulted in numerous professional designs for our mobile and internet banking applications. As a team player, John is a pleasure to work with.”

— Derek Thomas, Head of Implementations, Rubik Financial Systems, managed John indirectly at Rubik Financial Limited, Program Manager Non Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) at NSW Health

“John Raciti is a talented graphic designer who has worked with me for a couple of years. During that time he helped developed our “Flying Windows” GUI (patent pending) for Rubik’s generation 3 internet banking. His design skills are impressive as well as his ability to rapidly generate design mock-ups at moments notice.”

— Caevan Sachinwalla, Head of Development, Rubik Financial Ltd, managed John at Rubik Financial Limited

“John is one of the very few ultra friendly guys I have ever worked with. He knows his subject well and he knows what he speaks. Things cant go wrong when John is around !! I think he is a real asset for us. He is great, not only because he knows his subject well, but also his knowledge is so diversified in almost every area. Very down to earth top man!!!”

— Lakshan kannangara, T24 Technical Consultant, Rubik Financial Limited, worked with John at Rubik Financial Limited, T24 Systems Analyst at Bank of Queensland

“As proven time and time again John has a natural talent in his field his work does talk for itself. John has a matching personality full of energy and charismatic. John’s ability to tailor his work for different projects is quite amazing had the opportunity to work with John developing the mobile banking GUI interface which was a great success. John is a leader and innovative highly recommended.”

— Jimmy Katehos, Phone and Mobile Team Leader, Rubik Financial Limited, worked with John at Rubik Financial Limited

“I have only known John for about 4 months, but in that time he has impressed me with the his talents. He has an eye for detail and the vision/skills to create ‘works of art’. He’s a definite team player and an asset to any organisation.”

— Trey Goodson, Sales, Rubik Financial Limited, worked with John at Rubik Financial Limited, Regional Manager – Asia

“John rapidly understood our requirements and has contributed great ideas and designs for our team.”

— Brent Jackson, was John’s client, Director at Shelf Companies Australia

“John has the ability to rapidly distil ideas into ‘proof ready’ images that really assist in deciding the direction of an initiative or informing the design direction for the product. If you need a photoshop maven – John is your man.”

— Brent Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Rubik Financial Limited, managed John indirectly at Swift Call, Director at Shelf Companies Australia

“John is a top notch, super fast, super skilled operator with a flair for customer usability in all manners of UI. John is passionate about everything he does and you always get a top end-result with John at the helm.”

— Sam Belshaw, State Manager WA, Rubik Financial Limited, worked directly with John at Swift Call, Service Manager at AON

“It is a rare occasion to find a business professional who possesses the combination of talents and gifts of Ambassador John Raciti. Ambassador Raciti is a dedicated graphic designer who will bring a new level of creativity to your project. In addition to his proficiency as a designer and art professional, Ambassador Raciti has the unique ability to communicate with all people globally. His service is superior and he is dedicated to your organizations projects. I am happy to bear witness to his unparalleled skills and worldwide renown. Bravo Ambassador!”

— DeeDee Jagenberg, Author-Writer, Private Family Publishing Company, was with another company when working with John,

“John has been a pleasure to work with and has excellent knowledge of UI design and is passionate about what he does.”

— Peter Nader, was John’s client, Managing Director at MHRS Global

“John is a great person to work with, his creative drive is strong and he has accomplished a lot while at Rubik Financial. John’s work on Internet and Mobile Banking user interfaces has been outstanding and contributed to the success of the applications uptake.”

— Paul Lovegrove, Business Development Manager, Rubik Financial, worked with John at Mobile Messenger, Senior Sales Director Asia Pacific & Japan at eBaoTech Corporation, Regional Business Development Director at Fiserv (ASPAC) Pte Ltd

“John is a capable and personable designer with a significant amount of experience in his field. I would recommend him to get the job done.”

— Andrew Temple, was John’s client, Commercial Director at Lead Generators Pty Ltd

“I recruited John last year to join Mobile Messenger as our UI Designer working on a green-fields project. John demonstrated his professionalism and talent from the day we met to the day he finished with us. He is a colourful character and one of the friendliest people I know. As an employee and as a designer John would
make a great asset to any company or project. All the best to you John. Vanessa”

— Vanessa Herron, HR Manager, Mobile Messenger, managed John indirectly at Mobile Messenger, HR Business Partner at Rexel Holdings Australia Pty Ltd

“John was one of the most friendly guys I have ever worked with, he’s very good at what he’s doing. I would recommend him to any company which requires someone with decent skills in graphic design. All the best John!”

— Bruce Li, Software Engineer, Mobile Messenger, worked with John at Mobile Messenger, Senior Developer at hipages Group

“John worked as a UI designer at Mobile Messenger. He is a passionate designer with a perfectionist’s eye for detail. I’d recommend him to any UI/graphical design position.”

— Alek Zdziarski, Chief Technical Officer, Mobile Messenger Pty Ltd, managed John indirectly at Mobile Messenger, CTO at mGage – The Mobile Engagement Company

“John has great UI skills, is very friendly and is a pleasure to work with.”

— Kunaal Ramchandani, Web Applications Developer, Mobile Messenger, worked directly with John at Mobile Messenger, Network Development Director at Mi9

“I certainly found John to be a very motivated and ethusiatic team player from day one. John’s attention to detail was always very impressive and work ethic second to none. I would strongly recommend John in any opportunity going forward and I believe that he would make an exemplary asset to any organisation.”

— Michael Ungerboeck, Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Messenger, managed John indirectly at Mobile Messenger, CEO at ADMATIC Australia

“John has very high user inteface designing skills. He uses state of the art techniques and creates a modern and attractive results. John was a great benefit to our project.”

— Wilfried Schaffner, Project Manager, Mobile Messenger, worked with John at Mobile Messenger, CEO at tripwolf.com

“John has strong interpersonal skills. It was a pleasure working with him.”

— Kimberly Haile, Corporate Marketing Manager, Mobile Messenger, worked with John at Mobile Messenger, Marketing Director at Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc

“John worked for Wizard Home Loans as a contractor in 2007and he delivered very good quality Web Design/Graphics design work. I would recommend him highly in this role.”

— Bryn Nicholson, was John’s client, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Yellow Brick Road

“John was my art teacher when I entered design school. He is such a creative mind with an exceptional knowledge of the industry, constantly inspiring and encouraging me to continually fuelling my passion for creativity with the same determination he has. I have learnt some lessons from John that I will carry with me through the creative field for many years, holding much respect for him as a teacher, designer, and source of guidance, knowing that he will always offer amazing advice and support for me or any other artist to excel in the arts.”

— Simone Colosi, Student, Raffles La Salle, reported to John at Raffles Education Corporation

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