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Good On You – App.

At the UTS: Shopfront, we aim to build strong and sustainable communities. We provide capacity development for community based organisations, support community engaged scholarship, and facilitate UTS students to develop leadership skills.

Good On You is start-up with a social conscious. Its aim is to make it easy for people to take their ethical priorities into account when they make consumer choices. Good on You allows consumers to choose from hundreds of mainstream and niche brands ranked for their performance on issues like climate change, child and forced labour and animal cruelty.

By giving consumers the information they need in a way they can easily incorporate into everyday shopping choices, it aim to help millions of people avoid indirectly causing harm when they buy products.

In November 2015, the Good On You app was launched in Australia. The app has ratings for almost 1000 fashion and accessory brands in Australia and helps consumers find new brands that match their values. It then sends a message to brands urging them to do better or sending congratulations.

Good on You needs your help in the important role of promotion and brand awareness. As a new start-up it is growing each week, and requires to manage its social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest – and help with marketing tasks. Working alongside the marketing and communications manager, will identify content and create original material for a number of social media channels and assist in the ongoing marketing and PR activities.

Faculty: Business School

Student: John Raciti

Sustainable shopping: There’s an app for that

Apps such as Good on You give power back to the consumers.

Good On You is a conscious shopping app, free to download, that rates brands according to their ethical performance when it comes to people, planet and animals.

Find yourself dithering over a new bomber jacket at the mall, and you can tap in the brand name to find out how it performs. Country Road, for example, has “strong labour policies and prohibits use of hazardous dyes”. Its rating of 4 out 5 is “good”. Sportsgirl, on the other hand, is “not good enough” – it gets 2 out of 5 because it “does not communicate enough about its environmental policies and practices”.

Good on You helps shoppers make empowered choices.

This is entry level stuff (you can always dig deeper) but I love Good on You because it empowers consumers to make more informed choices in a simple, user-friendly way.

Brands don’t pay to be included, and Good on You doesn’t take a percentage of sales. It’s run as a non-profit (parent company Ethical Consumers Australia is a registered charity). They’ve attracted more than 35,000 active users since the Australian launch 15 months ago. In August they rolled out in New Zealand, and just before Christmas they ran a crowdfunded campaign to take on the US. Good On You launches in North America Wednesday March 1 (Thursday March 2 in Australia).


Graduated in 1997 in Fine Art – BA degree from Monash University, Melbourne, graduated in 2000 in Media and Communications Post-Graduate degree from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, and graduated in 2007 in Graduate Diploma in Design & Technology at UTS – Sydney University of Technology.

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