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UI & UX Design Process

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Different Screen Design

1). (User Interface Design) UI Design:

Visual Design, Colours, Graphic Design, Layouts, Typography.

2). (User Experience Design) UX Design:

Interaction Design, Wireframes & Prototypes, Information Architect, User Research, Scenarios.


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UI & UX Design Step Process

1). Understanding >>

2). User Research >>

3). Analytics & Discovery >>

4). Wireframes >>

5). Mockups & Prototypes >>

6). Finalize & Code

User Centered Design – Step Process

(User Experience)

with Business, Products, The User & Roles…

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UX = Look + Feel + Usability

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UI & UX in the Corporate Sector

Marketing, E-Commerce, Development, Advertising, Media, Communication.

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Elements of UX:

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Aspects of UX:

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