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Warfare Games Computer Animation & Modelling Software Front-End Developer: 3ds Max & Maya


Project RAVEN VHF Frequency Hopping Radio System
Project WAGTAIL Radio System & Communications Harness

Computer Animation & Modelling Software Front-End Developer.

Defence Artillery warfare game on your iPad & other mobile devices. Creating your own artillery battery and use the support of the Army’s helicopters to strike your enemy.

Military, Security & Defence: Lecturer – Motion Graphics Academy of Information Technology, Sydney

Trained at UTS Design School & RedHill Education – Motion Graphics Academy of Information Technology

3ds Max | 3D Modelling, Animation & Rendering Software | Autodesk
3D modelling and rendering software, creating massive worlds in games, stunning scenes for design visualisation and engaging virtual.

Maya | Computer Animation & Modelling Software | Autodesk
3D animation, modelling, simulation and rendering software, providing an integrated, powerful toolset. Creating animations, environments, motion graphics, virtual reality and character creation.

2D Animation
3D Animation
2D Interactivity
3D Interactivity
Academic Cultures
Applied Graphic Design
Commercial Internet
Decoding Media
Design Principles
Digital Images
Digital Pathways
Foundation Internet
Presentation Skills
Publishing Media
Small Project Management
Development Project

The Army TC (training center) primary function is to create training programs in all forms of media to assist in the training of the Army. The Army TC uses the latest in video and multimedia production techniques to create rich media learning environments and courses.

To take up the overflow of work and help meet strict deadlines for the required projects.

2D & 3D animations from storyboard concepts to implementation and testing.

Putting military training videos together to help train Australia soldiers. Creating Vector Graphics, 3D Animations, Interactive, learning systems, Graphic Designs – Packaging for DVDs & online gaming content.

Siemens RT/F500 Australian Combat Net Radio (CNR).
Combat net Radio System & Communications Harness; a tactical trunk communication system, a VHF Frequency Hopping Radio System.

CNRs are primarily used for push-to-talk-operated radio nets for command and control of combat, combat support, and combat service support operations among military ground, sea, and air forces.

Additional Combat Radios and ancillary equipment – Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) & Communications Harness VHF/HF Marconi & Bird radio sets; wide-ranging multipurpose communication capabilities with the Defence Force. Software to the VHF Frequency Hopping Radio System; The Base Repair Facility.

Drone Operations
Digital Radio Military Communications



House of Representatives Committees

From Phantom to Force: Towards a More Efficient and Effective Army


Founded in 1999, The AIT is an institute dedicated to raising the next generation of digital artists and designers. The AIT offers a broad range of diplomas and bachelors from 3D Animation, to Game Design, to Web and Software Development, and many more. With specialised courses and small intimate classes, they aim to create the next set of leaders in their respective fields, and judging by what they had on display at their open day, they are doing just that.

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