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41 of the world’s top 50 financial institutions, including Australia’s, rely on Temenos. We’ve been guiding financial institutions towards their digital future for over 20 years.

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Temenos allows banks flexibility around which database they wish to use to run Temenos’ Core banking system (T24). One of these is Microsoft SQL Server, and an increasing number of Temenos’ customers have chosen to implement on this platform. SQL Server can provide the Enterprise levels of security, performance and resilience which a bank requires for its core banking solution. With the pressures on banks to reduce operational costs, the low TCO which SQL Server brings is also a key decision point.

Temenos customers using SQL Server as the database for Core (T24) range from small banks up to large, significant regional banks, showing the scalability which SQL server can provide. Performance for larger banks was proven on Microsoft SQL Server 2012, achieving in excess of 10k transactions per second with Temenos’ Core banking system (T24).

The Microsoft Data Platform extends beyond on-premise SQL Server implementations, and Temenos has elected to use the Microsoft SQL Azure cloud to host its SaaS offering. This, along with Core (T24) Multi-tenancy capability, allows Temenos to offer a SaaS banking solution for smaller clients at an attractive price point.

Temenos’ business intelligence product (Insight) also leverages Microsoft’s data platform, using SQL Server, SSRS & Sharepoint, but also adopting the latest offerings including Power BI.

Temenos’ Data strategy for banks, which is implemented in part through its Reporting products, provides for a second copy of a subset of data which is updated in near-real-time, but optimised for query and reporting. This leverages new features of SQL Server, such as compressed column stores, to provide timely and performant access to operational data for clients. Integrating the Core (T24) Banking OLTP system, the near-real-time reporting solution and the business intelligence products (Insight) together on the
Microsoft Stack allows a client to realise performant, secure transaction processing, timely and scalable query and reporting workloads and actionable business insights.

Microsoft continues to innovate in the Data space and position itself as an industry leader. Temenos is looking to realize the benefits of some of the new features in the SQL Server 2016 release once it is available. This allows Temenos to provide a Core banking data platform with Enterprise level software solutions and a low TCO.


Temenos, a Geneva-based vendor of core banking systems, has acquired Akcelerant, a leading US-based financial software provider. It is the company’s second acquisition of a US banking software company, following its 2013 purchase of Trinovus which provides compliance through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

TEMENOS T24 core banking solution running on the new IBM PureFlex System.

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