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using-ardevices-means-screens-and-79971UX Designs & PHP Bootstrap coding  


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Sensis Digital iGen Telstra Team Leader 

965K – Sensis Digital Customers 

Collections (CWX). Debt Collection & Management software tailored to suit your Credit Operations One of the world’s leading Collections & Recoveries software platforms. It is a highly flexible platform aimed at improving credit collections and recovery rates by managing the primary aspects of the end-to-end process.

Clients: Telstra Corp & ING


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IBM Banking Systems

  • Banknote Bank Cheque MICR code Control System print paper digital indesign T24
  • Processing Quality DB Macquaire Telecom
  • Counterfeit Evaluation Lab Analysis Resource
  • Banknote Evaluation Lab Analysis Database
  • Secure T24 Item Tracker Temenos

Audi Graphic Designer Web Designer


WordPress Websites


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