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Design, Technology and Media – Multimedia Authoring: High Distinction 95%

Multimedia Authoring: High Distinction 95%
Higher Education Division (Hawthorn & Prahran)

Design & Technology

Intellectually vibrant, socially engaging, visionary, practice-focused and actively linked to the design industry. Building a design community network.

Studio Leadership and Industry Partners

Focusing lighting design, interaction design, product design, spatial design, textiles, visual design and service innovation and change.

Integrates research, industry collaboration, internationalisation and a design culture through the delivery of specialist, core and transdisciplinary subject matter expert. Flexible in both practice orientation and research integration.

Focusing on design evolution, innovative integration of new technologies, practice and experimentation, experienced studio leader who is an acknowledged leader in industries and a design profession.

A balance between high levels of specialisation and lateral thinking, examining design from a transdisciplinary perspective.

Explore design issues under the supervision of a practice leader, to learn new strategies and the application of research and theory. It supports best practices in postgraduate design education through learning and research strategies that critically examine design practice at UTS.

Leader in design and related industries through expertise in product and service development. Able to utilise strategic processes, creative tools and research skills for innovation in design.

Areas of interaction, strategy and enterprise, lighting design, techno-textiles, and text and image. Conceptual challenges and questions of visual expression in the quest to develop useful, usable and resonant designs. These include understanding and articulating the importance of user experience; the role of design in humanising information; the aesthetic and conceptual dynamics of effective communication; strategic thinking; and aspects of design management, branding and communication.

Enhanced by high-level professional knowledge and skills for the workplace, with possession of specialised knowledge in advanced textiles, space and materials, interaction, sustainable design and innovation.

  • Acquired skills in emerging areas of design practice.

Aims & Objectives

  • Understanding of the designer’s role as a global citizen
  • Ethical practices in relation to acknowledgment of sources and the work of others
  • Awareness of, and concern for, social and cultural diversity
  • Professional attitude to clarity and accuracy of communication
  • Capacity to make a positive contribution to a team
  • Ability to present work appropriately to context
  • Ability to work conceptually
  • Ability to appraise, develop or redirect design ideas
  • Ability to re-imagine human practices through design
  • Ability to independently develop new skills and areas of knowledge
  • Ability to independently cultivate aesthetic sensibility
  • Developing craft skill
  • Ability to develop a well-supported argument
  • Ability to analyse complex ideas
  • Ability to critically reflect on work by self and others


Aims & Objectives

  • Knowledge of and experience in the production of a range of traditional and new media.
  • Experienced in the presentation and marketing of media production.
  • Awarness in the changing face of media culture and the new technologies electronic media.
  • Skills to develop a substantial media production.

A broad range of writing and production skills valued in many sectors of the print, broadcasting and electronic media, such as radio production, journalism and information technology. Equipped with digital technology skills software developers working in the multimedia industry.

  • Media Work Experience/Placement
  • Media Project
  • Cultural Convergence
  • Radio Production and Criticism
  • Electronic Writing
  • Globalisation: Media and Telecommunications
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • New Media Production
  • Key Cultural Issues in Media and Communication
  • Communication Environments
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