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Blazon of family Azzolina AZZOLINUS AZZOLINVS

Last Name: Azzolina
Dossier: 800263
Nobility: Marchesi – Nobles
Nobles in: Italy
Heraldic Trace in: Italian

Heraldic Trace Azzolina

Already in the fourteenth century they are ascribed to the noble council of the elders. This surname is found in several ancient scriptures that give news of some subjects, which were described in the Magistrate of the elders of the City of Rome, about one thousand and three hundred, but because luck let loose the news of the true descent of that, or that until our times made it oppressed in such a form, that there was no occasion to continue certain memory, so it is, that still omitting to mentovarne other peculiarity, I will take the discourse to the years, currents, where the same luck was more benign to revive this Family , having first resurrected to the Magistrate of the Elders, although with the corrupt surname Zolini, of 1568. Gio. Battista, of Caesar with the gonfalonier Tree Albergati, who was brother of the Avo di Francesco Azzolina, finally in the person of the same Francesco after having been Elderly, of 1653 with Confal. Giovanni Lupari more …

Blazon of family


Of blue, to six gold stars (8) ordered 3, 2 and 1.

XXXIV. Decius S. Adriani S. R. E. Diaconus Card. Azzolinus Firmanus. II. Martii, MDCLIIII


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