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Blazon of family Mazzeo

Last Name: Mazzeo
Dossier: 4602
Nobility: Marchesi
Nobles in: Italia (Sicilia)
Heraldic and genealogical preview of family: in: Italiano

Heraldic and genealogical preview of family: Mazzeo

Ancient and noble family from Messina, with the title of “Baron of San Teodoro”, with a Francesco, consul of the Sea in Messina, in 1704/5, who obtained, from the donation of Uncle F. Campolo, the title of marquis of San Teodoro , on March 1, 1731. However, an even more noble ancestry, reached by the family, has been witnessed since the sixteenth century, with the inscription of a messer Paolo to the noble mast of Mollica (list XI, year 1597). The origin of this surname, according to many genealogists, could derive from some changes in dialectal phonetics of the Latin name Mattheus; although, in any case, derivations can not be excluded from some homonymous toponyms, such as Mazzeo (ME) or San Mazzeo (CZ). The family, as revealed by documents and notarial deeds, since the earliest times, gave light to people of high virtues, among which, we remember: Girolamo, who held the office of senator in Messina in 1606-7; Giovanni, who …

1 Blazon of family Mazzeo


Quoted in the “Nobiliario di Sicilia by Antonio Mango di Casalgerardo, 1915-1970”.

Of blue to the armed warrior to the natural, the hands and the face of complexion, gripping in the right a mace of black in action of striking a lion crowned with gold, faced to the tree of green, fured of gold, surmounted in the head from a star of the same, nodrito on a natural terrace.

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