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Blazon of family Merlo Merlet

Last Name: Merlo
Dossier: 2483
Nobility: Nobles – Barons – Princes
Nobles in: Italy
Heraldic and genealogical preview of family: in: Italian

Heraldic and genealogical preview of family: Blackbird

Ancient and very noble Sicilian family, with residence in Palermo, which is decorated with the following titles: princes of Patti, baron of Tripi, baron of Tagliavia, marquis of Santa Elisabetta, noble of the barons of Tagliavia, noble of the marquesses of St. Elizabeth . The lineage, originating from Spain, appears to have passed into Sicily in two distinct periods. The first time appears with an Enrico (1371), with a Filippo Castellano of Catania (1425) and with a Blasco, the king’s family. The second time with the Magnifico Carrillo, Captain of two hundred Spanish soldiers, who had many important military assignments in Sicily and who, in the year 1500, definitively established his family in Palermo. Moreover, in the unfolding of the lustres, this family has always managed to produce a series of men who have made its name famous, in public employment, in the liberal and ecclesiastical professions and in military service. A Joseph was Governor of the Mount …

There are different Merlo houses in Spain. From very remote centuries it was known and very considered. Historians rightly point out that not all lineages of this surname have a common origin. We found it in Liérganes. The oldest weapons are those indicated in: Repertoire of blazons of the Hispanic community – Appendice Vicente De Cadenas and Vicent Salazar and Castro Institute. Those of Liérganes bring: In silver, three majaros (sic), of azur, posts two and one. …

The Vicomte de Montravel tells us that this family was Joyeuse. In fact, we estimate the property of Me Etienne Merlet, notary of the city of Joyeuse, taxed at 69 livres 6 sols and 7 deniers, in 1464. In 1592, François was prosecutor and agent of the duke of Joyeuse. Among the characters who, in the seventeenth century, attended the states of Languedoc, figure Mr. Me Louis, doctor of rights, Largentière. Around 1650, M. Me Théodore Merlet, doctor of rights and Miss Claude de Girard, married, make a donation in favor of Me Noël Merlet also doctor of rights, their son, of the city of Joyeuse. On May 14, 1685, Jacques de Merlet, parish priest of Rosière, resigns, in the Court of Rome, his cure of Rosières in favor of Messire Jacques -Joseph de Merlet, his nephew, for then 26 years old. It is not known why this resignation had no effect. Jacques-Joseph de Merlet, became chaplain to Messire Courtanvaux and died in Cambray, June 11, 1691. On February 8, 1687, Anne made his will in favor of his brother, priest of Rosières. She died on September 1st of this year and was buried in Rosières in the grave of her mother, Clauda de Giraud. He tested the same day as his sister, making heir to Annet-Theodore, his nephew. This house has allied with the families of Girard, Vachier, Laubergat and has given doctors of rights, lawyers to Parliament, judges-mages and regents of the duchy. …

1 Blazon of family Merlo

Quoted in “Italian Historic Nobiliary Encyclopedia of V. SPRETI”, vol.IV

Cut out of blue and gold, with the band of red on the partition, the first point to the golden merlon passing on the band, and swaying, with the head turned over, surmounted by three silver stars, placed in the band.

2 Blazon of family Merlo

Merlo (1)
Quoted in “Dictionary blasonic historical noble families and extinct and flourishing Italian notables” vol. second, pag. 132, compiled by the Comm. G.B. di Crollalanza, published by the head of the heraldic newspaper, Pisa 1890.

Finished with blue and gold, to the red band crossing the partition, surmounted by a blackbird passing through.

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