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Blazon of family Palermo

Nobles in: Italia
Variations: Di Palermo
Heraldic and genealogical preview of family in: Italiano

Heraldic and genealogical preview of family: Palermo
Variations: Di Palermo

Ancient and very noble family, originally from Scicli (a town and municipality in the Province of Ragusa in the south east of Sicily, Italy), who enjoyed clear nobility in Palermo, Messina and Sciacca and who owned the principality of Santo Stefano, Santa Margherita, the title of marquis and the baronies of Bulgarano, Canalotto, Castelluzzo, San Giuseppe, San Leonardo, Martini, Scirinda, etc. In addition, over the centuries, this family managed to stand out, thanks to the elevated characters, to whom it gave birth. Among these, without taking anything away from the value of the omitted, we recall: Henry, who, on December 9, 1282, was appointed by King Peter, a notary of the island of Malta; notar Andrea, from Aidone, who owned the Rabiato fiefdom under King Ludovico; Nicholas Andrea, who bought the fief of Bulgarano and was invested on September 13, 1516 and March 26, 1517; Francesco, who, with the privilege of 21 June 1638, obtained the title of Baron of Saint Joseph and with the privilege of 19 October…

1 Blazon of family Palermo (di)


Party: in the 1 st of gold, to the flying griffon of blue, surmounted by a red lambello of three drops; in the 2 ° of blue, the lion the leopard of gold, supporting on the back a silver lily. Cimiero: the rising eagle explained in black, cued and crowned with gold.

2 Blazon of family Palermo (di)

Palermo (1)

Quoted in the “Nobiliario di Sicilia by Antonio Mango di Casalgerardo, 1915-1970”.

Party: in the 1st of blue to the eagle crowned with red; in the 2nd of blue to the palm uprooted to the natural.

3 Blazon of family Palermo (di) (Calabria)

Palermo (2)

Quoted in “Italian Historic Nobility Encyclopedia of V. SPRETI”, vol V.

Party 1st of blue divided by a thread of gold, to the golden lion surmounted by a lamb & lion of three red pendants, to the golden lion surmounted by a silver lily, 2nd truncated above red to three small gold bottles placed 1.2, under gold with five red bisants placed 1,2,2.


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