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Blazon of family Raciti

LapideRaciti (1)

Last Name: Raciti
Dossier: 879145
Nobility: Nobili
Nobles in: Italia
Heraldic Trace in: Italiano

Heraldic Trace Raciti

Family noted in a list of ancient houses, some noble, but not ascribed to the noble Council. A Guarini family, nicknamed Raciti, ascribed in ancient times to the Veronese citizenship, lived in Verona in the 16th century. Other branch. Ancient and noble family originally from Vicenza. The commendator G.B. Crollalanza reports the blazon of this family in the volumes of its historical dictionary blazon of noble families and Italian notables. Another family raised up for a weapon. Shredded red and silver, to the crossing yellow band loaded with an eagle of black. …

Blazon of family


Five silver points equivalent to four of red, to the head of the empire. Shield accoladed to the imperial eagle.

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