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Norman Roman Templar Genes – Haplogroup R-M269 – R1b1a1a2 – DYS464X: 15c-15c-17c-17g

Norman Roman Templar Genes – Haplogroup R-M269 – R1b1a1a2 – DYS464X: 15c-15c-17c-17g

Haplogroup R-M269, also known as R1b1a1a2, is a sub-clade of human Y-chromosome haplogroup R1b. It is of particular interest for the genetic history of Western Europe. It is defined by the presence of SNP marker M269. R-M269 has been the subject of intensive research; it was previously also known as R1b1a2 (2003 to 2005), R1b1c (2005 to 2008), and R1b1b2 (2008 to 2011)

R-M269 is the most common European haplogroup, greatly increasing in frequency on an east to west gradient (its prevalence in Poland estimated at 22.7%, compared to Wales at 92.3%). It is carried by approximately 110 million European men (2010 estimate).[4]The age of the mutation M269 is estimated at roughly 4,000 to 10,000 years ago, and its sub-clades can be used to trace the Neolithic expansion into Europe as well founder-effects within European populations due to later (Bronze Age and Iron Age) migrations.

The frequency is about 92% in Wales, 82% in Ireland, 70% in Scotland, 68% in Spain, 60% in France (76% in Normandy), about 60% in Portugal, 53% in Italy,[13] 45% in Eastern England, 50% in Germany, 50% in the Netherlands, 42% in Iceland, and 43% in Denmark. It is as high as 95% in parts of Ireland. It is also found in some areas of North Africa, where its frequency peaks at 10% in some parts of Algeria.[14] M269 has likewise been observed among 8% of the Herero in Namibia.



Wales 3.3%
Spain 2.9%
France 2.8%
Scotland 2.7%
United Kingdom 2.3%
Portugal 2.1%
Northern Ireland 2.1%
Ireland 2%

Canada 3.6%
United States 2.3%

Australia 3.2%

Cuba 4.5%
Colombia 2.8%
Brazil 2.7%

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