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UTS Shopfront: Community projects; Social Media and Marketing Internship


Completed projects

Good On You

Good On You is start-up with a social conscious. Its aim is to make it easy for people to take their ethical priorities into account when they make consumer choices. Good on You allows consumers to choose from hundreds of mainstream and niche brands ranked for their performance on issues like climate change, child and forced labour and animal cruelty.

By giving consumers the information they need in a way they can easily incorporate into everyday shopping choices, it aim to help millions of people avoid indirectly causing harm when they buy products.

In November 2015, the Good On You app was launched in Australia. The app has ratings for almost 1000 fashion and accessory brands in Australia and helps consumers find new brands that match their values. It then sends a message to brands urging them to do better or sending congratulations.

Branding Update

A team of design students worked with Good on You to produce design elements that would ensure there was consistency of its brand and to keep the look and feel fresh and relevant in a highly visual industry. This work included the design of website/blog, marketing collateral, social media, logo and brand rating graphics

Faculty: Design Architecture and Building

Academic: Siobhan Costigan

Students: Christopher Matthews Seaman, Yin Wai, (Emily) Kwok, Danica Catharina, Xiaomin Huang and George Karkoulas

Social Media and Marketing Intern

Good on You needs your help in the important role of promotion and brand awareness. As a new start-up it is growing each week, and requires an intern to manage its social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest – and help with marketing tasks. Working alongside the marketing and communications manager, the intern will identify content and create original material for a number of social media channels and assist in the ongoing marketing and PR activities.

Faculty: Business School

Student: John Raciti

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