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Security Interview for UTS; Bank of Baroda data breached by ISIL

Tell us about your job, what is your position? What are the typical duties involved?

I’m a director for a multinational org. Working with Universities, Countries, Govt, & Companies.

Report what is happening in Australia & New Zealand to Israel our HQ.




Describe a typical working day for you?

Always changes. We advise many organisations. Meet & greet. Give quotes, also provide & sign contracts.

What qualifications and experience are required?

Technology at UTS & at Swinburne helped, respecting those in the secret side of the industry – phatom forces; I’ve experienced Fortune & ASX systems… I know how data can drive or kill a business or a country’s economy. Your actions need to be noble. As a Royal Society fellow – my loyalities are with The Crown.

What skill and persona attributes are needed?

Investigative nature.

How did you decide your career? What have you done to get this job?

Invited into the community.



How are about your working conditions? How long do you work every day? Does your job have a dress code?

24/7, home & securied locations. Have to be well guarded. Use disinformation & jamming devices. Suits at conferences. At work casual.

Which part of the job is most challenging?

Being up to date with later hacker moves & global movements

Is there any opportunity in this job?

Everyday. Many threats! from Cyber to CyberTerror attacks.

How do you think about the career prospects of this job.

Growing field, Govts, Businesses need protection against hackers.

Any suggestions for students who coming into this field?

Learn as much moves as possible.

Commonly, what ethics issues may encounter in the job?

Need to know the laws, what is right and wrong. And know that the law will catch up to cold crimes…

What are the common reasons for a hack?

Personal kicks! Gain political gain & power – weapon of mass distraction

What should you do if you find out a hacker?

Report it to the Govt Authorities – Home Affairs, The company that has had their data Breached.

Tell us the most interesting experience in the job?

Finding a Terrorist Breach in http://www.bankofbaroda.com.au/ – Bank of Baroda (‘The Bank’) is one of the premier public sector bank incorporated on July 20 1908 in India. It is a Government of India (GOI) undertaking which holds majority of shareholding and is regulated by Reserve Bank of India. It offers banking products and services to industrial, commercial, retail and agricultural customers in India. The bank’s business is divided into four major business units namely Retail, SME, Wholesale and Rural/Agricultural Business. It is a recognized brand in Indian Banking Industry with strong domestic presence through more than 5500 branches with overseas business operations extending across 24 countries through 106 branches/offices.

Ghost VPN ISIL Terrorist Breach in Sydney – reporting it to Canberra.

Our cyber team that tracks ISIL online activities has come across an Indian owned bank – Bank of Baroda that ISIL has selected for the purpose of money laundry. We understand that some of the branches in Uganda, Kenya , Singapore and India are on the list ready to be infiltrated and millions stolen.

We have generated a report of this threat ready to be sent to Baroda Bank Headquarters in India – Vadodara for immediate action. The chairman of the bank has been identified as RAVI VENKATESAN.

What next?

What we need you to do if possible, is get in touch with the chairman of Baroda Bank and let him know of the threats his banks are facing globally especially in Africa. This may cause reputational damage if left unaddressed. Our experts have uncovered that ISIL is using the cyber ghost VPN and hotspot shield.The structured Query language Injection has been used to hack into these systems with all branches having similar loopholes. Most of the identifies branches need an updated system or replacement immediately.

What is the limitation of automated security tools.

They don’t count for new and change in attacks.

How important is collaborate in the job, how do you work as a team?

Cyber security, to be successful, has to be a team player.

My Team – all around the world


We work with the Government:



What will happened if you find out a Breach Breach

Many board members still tend to see cyber security breaches as something technical they don’t really understand.

The impact information security breaches can have has become more and more difficult to quantify due to the increasing dependency on third-parties and the tremendous amount of media and political interest that has been building up. Losses can easily run into the tens of millions and – more importantly – brand reputation and customer trust can be left irrecoverably damaged by cyber attacks.

What is offensive, rather than defensive, cyber security strategy.

Using frameworks internationally is the Cyber Security Framework (CSF) developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This framework is free and can be downloaded and used by any organisation.


Any suggestions for users?

The law will catch up with them. We will find you & you are always held accountable.

How important is Communication skill?

You need to have analytical skills and providing insights, as well as strong business acumen and communication skills, have developed into highly sought-after skills for an IT security role.

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