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Greater Bank – Internet, Mobile & Phone IVR Banking Systems – Bank of the Year… 8 Years On…

An Australian customer-owned bank and mutual financial institution with headquarters in Hamilton, New South Wales. Greater Bank is Roy Morgan’s 2016 Bank of the Year for Customer Service.


Money magazine – Home Lender of the Year

2016 & 2017
Roy Morgan – Bank of the Year

Experts Choice – Packaged Home Loan

Greater Bank – Internet, Mobile & Phone IVR Banking Systems – Bank of the Year… 8 Years On…

The way Australians bank:

Internet Banking was the second most used banking channel in Australia, with 54% using Internet Banking in the last 12 months (down 2.0% points from 56.2%). The rapid increase in the use of mobile banking, with its higher satisfaction levels compared to branches, appears to have affected the number who use it compared to visiting a branch.  Mobile banking usage is at 46.5% (up 3.1% points from 43.4%), beating visiting a branch at 45.1% (down 3.5% from 48%). Phone Banking IVR also saw an increase on 2017, with 24.1% of Australians aged 14+ using Phone Banking (up 1.6% points from 22.5%). Roy Morgan Research 7 May 2018. 

Bank Business Cheques / Print Media Group

MICR code – “Magnetic Ink Character Recognition”. The MICR code is a 9 digit code, which is printed at the bottom of a cheque. A MICR code is unique to each bank branch. Thus, a MICR code can be used to uniquely identify any bank branch.

ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac.

Credit Unions

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