UX Designer for Lorgan

Lorgan Capabilities and People strengths Jul 2018

Lorgan helps its clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. Our management team is a world class team with a vibrant mix of strategy and execution specialists with extensive experience in offering consulting and managed services to their clients. Lorgan offers pioneering business solutions with a unique combination of Bigdata, Artificial Intelligence technologies (such as machine learning, predictive data analytics, data science), Cloud, Security, Robotics and Process Automation. We take pride in our high standard advisory services to our clients and excellence in technology. Our deep experience in cutting edge technologies, latest trends & innovative concepts give us a clear and unique position in creating greater value for clients and our own employees.

We love tapping into global talent and trust extensive partner relationships, which in turn help us, drive collaboration and leverage technology independence.


Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Information Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud, Robotics, Project and Program Management, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, In-memory Databases, Customer Value Management, Loyalty and Campaign Management, Domain Consulting, Digital, Security, Quality Management, Enterprise Architecture, Application Dev & Maintenance, Innovation, Strategy and Roadmap, Customer Value & Base Management , Data Lake, Recommendation Engines, AWS Prod stack, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and Serverless Architectures