Chat-bots Industrial 4.0 Cyber Physical System – Network Robots:

Industrial 4.0 Cyber Physical System


• A framework to simulate a network robot in a virtual smart home.

• A network robot agent identifies daily routines of a resident and executes service.

• The framework shows a network robot could help and reduce tasks of a human agent.

• The simulator verified the framework reduces costs of developing network robots. can provide a variety of services to users of network. Existing service robots not only have been developed for specific purpose with constraint capabilities, but have only focused on how to perform their service efficiently. In order to improve the usefulness of the networked service robot, however, it is necessary to provide services considering the user’s needs and service context change. provides services to users in smart spaces while being connected to ubiquitous instruments through wireless networks in ubiquitous environments. For more effective behavior planning of network robots, it is necessary to reduce the state space by recognizing a smart space as a set of spaces. added Repair packs and Construction robots. Roboports are the base of the robotic network. Robots can fly inside this network to every point covered by the roboports. is a new framework for integrating ubiquitous network and robot technologies, is a step towards providing infrastructure to make robots into communication media. refers to multiple robots operating together in coordination or cooperatively with sensors, embedded computers, and human users.

NETBOT – NETWORK AUTOMATION THAT ADVANCES DYNAMIC TRANSFORMATION NetBOT delivers professional automation solutions based on workflows, tools, and platforms. NetBOT envisages real-time proactive and self-healing networks, assured end user experience and faster troubleshooting. The easy-to-use user interface provides the representation of automation processes in a visual, reliable manner by assembling intuitive logical constructs. It paves a roadmap for enterprises envisioning a continued transformation journey. With availability of open API’s, it can integrate with handpicked third party tools to meet the emerging customer needs of the future.

Automation framework ‘NETBOT’ can completely automate a customer’s existing setup. Resolving challenges of alert resolution time, configuration, compliance and change management.

NETBOT can successfully meets expectations of the modern technology landscape, and to know the Business & IT benefits of this automation framework solution.

A new report from International Data Corporation (IDC), predicts that by the year 2021 65% of consumers will interact with customer support chat-bots, as organisations shift away from human operated web-chat. The report also predicted that up to 85% of commercial enterprise apps will be using AI in some way. This means organisations can automate the basic tasks that normally require human intelligence. These tasks include activities like speech or facial recognition, visual perception, language translation and decision-making.