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640px-authandusersThe Users Screen allows you to add, change, or delete your site’s users. In addition, you can search for users, and you can make bulk changes and deletions to a selected group of users.

Cloud Design Patterns | infographics

Depicts common problems in designing cloud-hosted applications and design patterns that offer guidance. Design patterns are useful for building reliable, scalable, secure applications in the cloud.


  • Availability
  • Data Management
  • Design and Implementation
  • Messaging
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Resiliency
  • Security

Cloud computing  networking concept .NET Bots

The .NET core chatbot application code allows you to order flowers using a Chatbot, you could embed a knowledge bot within an app to help users find information that might otherwise be challenging to locate within complex app structures. You could embed a bot within a help desk app to act as the first responder to incoming user requests. The bot could independently resolve simple issues and hand off more complex issues to a human agent.


public class WebPage : ContentPage
public WebPage()
var browser = new WebView();
browser.Source = “<YOUR SECRET KEY HERE>”;
this.Content = browser;

Build a great conversationalist.

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