Hosted Exchange – Global Cloud Xchange

Hosted Exchange is a service in the telecommunications industry whereby a provider makes a Microsoft email box and space available on a server so its clients can host their data on the server. The provider manages the hosted data of its clients on the server. Clients can access their emails, address book, task management and documents from different places and through various media. The e-mails are routed to a laptop or mobile phone through push technology.

The prerequisite for the use of this function is a Microsoft Exchange Server. These systems are available from several providers including Microsoft itself with Exchange Server hosted as a service.

XChange Cloud streamlines and enhances business, logistical and vessel operations by providing a reliable, easy to manage platform to share important files of any size or type throughout a fleet. The system is purpose designed to meet the more advanced needs for ship efficiency and data transmission over a satcom environment compared to mainstream cloud storage and file transfer systems. Furthermore, XChange Cloud can reduce the chance of administration errors through its automatic synchronisation feature, which is available as standard.