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Cyber Warfare, Data Science, Application Development, and Hardware Development

Global Risk has four technology practices: Cyber Warfare, Data Science, Application Development, and Hardware Development.

Cyber Warfare

Cyber Warfare is about awareness of the threats that your organization IS facing. A recent article on InDefense claimed that 60% of small-medium enterprises that suffer a data breach or infrastructure attack go out of business within one year. Understanding the nature of the enemy, internal and external, formulating strategies and procedures to safeguard your data, raising awareness among the personnel in your organization and elevating the capacity of your cybersecurity efforts – these are all measures to protect data, safeguard infrastructure, ensure security without diminishing appropriate access and business requirements. Here is a partial list of the services that we bring to market:

  • Penetration Testing – Our teams attack your network and data stores with the simple objective of “owning” your domains. We are undefeated. Depending on the level of penetration testing that the client requests, we can use multiple methods to judge your preparedness. I assure you – you are not prepared, regardless of what you are being told.
  • Vulnerability Assessments: There is a constant flow of zero-day exploits, malware creations, phishing attacks and other electronic methods to compromise your security. We know how to find them. We’ll show your teams where those vulnerabilties are, why they pose a threat, and how you can defend yourself.
  • Forensics: Once you’ve been hit, there’s no doubt that your organization is exposed and there is great risk there. Can the method used be found, are you CERTAIN that the attacker is truly “gone,” and where is your data now? Can it be retrieved? Can those responsible for the attack face meaningful sanction?
  • Monitoring: We can do it for you or set it up for you to do yourself. Knowing what to watch for is a large part of your defensive posture.
  • Retaliation: This is not a new concept (hackback), but who really does it? We do! If there are no consequences, then you will likely be attacked repeatedly. Our global network of agents, our team of highly experienced and capable engineers and our operational teams can locate the who, why, where, and what. Based on the client’s needs, we can action far more effective responses than traditional cybersecurity firms.
  • Red Team/Blue Team: Also known as “humility” training for your cybersecurity staff. But after a series of sessions, your cybersecurity teams will have real experience against real hackers – who do NOT play fair, or according to a pre-defined script – no, we attack you like we would attack any other enemy. Full force. That’s how you build your team’s capacity and confidence.

Data Science

Data Science is a new buzzword, but the principles have existed for decades. The adoption of artificial intelligence and the incredible business applications for its use (government, too!) have simply highlighted what those of us in “data processing” have known for a long time: “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” Global Risk teams can analyze what data is collected as a by-product of your business; we “break it down (normalize it)”, and give the data “weight (meaning).” We check that the data is protected, and that “data leakage” isn’t an issue. We review your data stores, and ensure that the application servers and database servers are functioning harmoniously. Now effective and reliable data analysis, including machine learning, can be delivered. Forecasting becomes much more accurate. Trends are identified, and new weights are applied to new discoveries. Let us help you recognize the full value of the data your work has created.

Application Development

Every member of our team has been involved in application development, to some degree, in addition to their other core competencies. Project managers, architects, programmers, quality assurance testers, documentation specialists, migration experts and trainers – we use a rapid development methodology created by our leadership that was utilized by the largest Internet company in the world; it ensures that our team identifies your requirements fully, designs the application to meet those requirements, tests the application fully, launches and supports the application on time and on budget. Examples are:

  • Portal Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine language/robotics
  • Secure messaging/file transfer/collaboration
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Space Travel (yes, we have that guy that programmed for NASA!)

Hardware Development

  • Anti-detection devices
  • Secure Communications devices
  • Cybersecurity appliances
  • Surveillance devices
  • Robotics
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