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Israel-USA International Consulting Counter-terrorism is a company dedicated to consulting, training and the provision of services in the fields of Security, Intelligence and Defence.

The company was created to meet the challenges arising from increased specialization and the needs of physical and logical security in both developed and emerging economies while being specialized in Islamic terrorist movements.

We have a Global scope with offices in Israel and Spain, and capacity for development of projects in Europe, Central and South America, Middle East and Africa.

SECINDEF provides the knowledge and skills to perform these services and provide products responding to the needs that our customers may require.

SECINDEF is a consultant that provides services in training and counter-terrorism and intelligence services in Spain, USA, Israel, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Romanian, Serbia, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Albania, Denmark, Norway, Sweden , Canada, Greece, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and India, through institutional representations.

Who we are

We are a group of professionals, mainly from Israel and Spain, with extensive international experience in the fields of security and intelligence, both public and private, with over 30 years experience.

The commitment of our professional team is joining forces to offer a portfolio of high quality solutions.

As differential value from organisations of similar nature we should highlight our specialisation in Islamic counter-terrorism.


We want to be providers of knowledge, services and products in the fields of Security, Intelligence and Defence in an efficient and responsible manner, covering present and future needs.


We serve global customers and markets, covering our customers expectations and improving their skills and resources to minimize the risks in a complex and dynamic environment.


We want to help people solve their needs in our areas of ​​expertise providing ethical solutions in innovative ways to make our environment safer for us and our future generations.

Program Management Office
SECINDEF offers its expertise identifying needs for customers and integrating complex solutions from several providers under higher standards of quality.

Advisory or “on- the-field” analysis of risk and security issues.


Advisory services and technical consultancy

We provide advice and coordination aimed at both improving the capabilities and response to critical events different solutions.

Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology / Protocols for action and prevention in situations of terrorist attacks in large human concentrations

Evaluations and audits of critical infrastructures.

Risk analysis.

Intelligence analysis in focus for new business locations in complex environments.

Analysis and advice to companies and executives in conflict environments.

Security analysis for expatriate staff.

Evaluation and advice in hostage situations.

Advice on knowledge of the cultures of the Middle East.

Analysis of counterterrorism intelligence.

Using polygraph in when required by specially trained personnel.

Address, counselling and crisis management in emergencies (natural disasters or man-made)

Training solutions for public and private entities.


We provide training solutions for both public and private entities. Our team consists of professionals of the highest order from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) with extensive experience in the areas of civil and military intelligence. We offer training projects in counterintelligence, counter-terrorism and analysis of the fight against jihadist terrorism. At the hands of Israeli, American and Spanish experts in the fight against terrorism.

From SECINDEF we organise various courses, seminars and conferences of academic formation in collaboration with various national and international universities to offer a broader vision in geopolitics, geo-strategy, counter-terrorism and intelligence in the fight against jihadist terrorism. In this way, we can understand from various areas and prisms the threats of jihadist terrorism, who finances and supports these terrorist groups in the West and in the Middle East, which countries are behind the creation of terrorism, whose geopolitical and strategic interests are hidden in the creation of the DAESH and other radical Salafist groups fighting in Syria, Iraq or Libya. From SECINDEF we offer an extensive face-to-face training program with Spanish American and Israeli experts in counter-terrorism training to analyse and understand the origins, detection, recruitment, prevention and actions on terrorists. In SECINDEF we have conducted courses, seminars and conferences at the national and international level for the Police Academy of Georgia, Army Staff of Peru, State Security Forces and Forces, Armed Forces, Local Police, Autonomous Police and university students in various countries

Homeland Intelligence Security-Israel

Border security

Maritime safety

Air safety



Critical Infrastructure Security

Special units of action or defense Forces and State Security

Units of intelligence (HUMINT / OSINT)

Training of behavior in hostile, conflict and high risk environments

Training for kidnapping cases

Military History and Geoestrategy

Specialised products of strategic partners.


We provide expertise in security and defense products contrasted in the most demanding environments.

We provide training solutions for both public and private entities. Our team consists of professionals of the highest order from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) with extensive experience in the areas of civil and military intelligence



Business Intelligence

Big Data

Other technology products for the security of Israel

Software for intelligence analysis

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