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DISC Profile: C For Compliance

DISC Profile Series

Internal Profile

The Internal Profile reflects the candidate’s true motivations and desires. This is the type of behaviour that often appears outside a working environment, or when an individual is placed under pressure.

External Profile

The External Profile describes the candidate’s perception of the type of behaviour they should ideally project. This shape usually represents the type of behaviour that an individual will try to adopt at work.

Summary Profile

In reality, candidates will usually act in ways consistent with elements from both profiles. The Summary Profile is a combination of the other two graph shapes, describing a person’s likely normal behaviour.

Shift Pattern

The Shift Pattern graph shows the changes between the candidate’s Internal and External Profiles, and so highlights the adaptations the candidate is making to their character.

Style Name:
Driving Analyst Primary Traits:
Passive and Controlled

A behavioural style that combines control and passivity, relating to Compliance in DISC terms, can be described as an Analyst. People of this kind are structured, organised individuals who tend to follow the rules whenever they can. They are interested in precision and order.

Overview: Cautious Accurate Precise Assertive

Values: Procedure (and Results) Seeks: Facts (and Power) Avoids: Uncertainty (and Weakness)

Pressure Response: Evades (may also Dictate)

Approach: Exact Detailed

Strategy: Proof (also responds to Power)

Trait Analysis

Permanent Traits

These are traits common throughout my profile, suggesting that they are often seen in my behaviour, and are also likely to influence my attitudes. My profile indicates the following permanent traits:

  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Objectivity
  • Sensitivity
  • Technical Potential
  • Self-Motivation
  • Cooperativeness
  • Thoughtfulness


  • Guarded
  • Perceptive
  • Disciplined
  • Organised
  • Accurate
  • Structured
  • Problem solving
  • Researching
  • Objective
  • Systematic

Not only has a highly efficient style, but also a capacity for precise planning that would likely bring into play in most situations.

Has an objective, rational approach to problem solving.

Has a strong problem-solving style, with the capacity to identify solutions, and the dynamism to put them into practice.

Has an affinity for quality and accuracy, and will tend to consider them important in most situations.



  • Malcolm Turnbull (Politician)
  • Tracy Grimshaw (TV Presenter, A Current Affair)
  • Gus Gould (NRL Commentator)
  • John Howard (Politician)
  • Kerry Packer (Businessman)
  • Russell Crowe (Actor)


  • Shane Warne (Cricketer)
  • Tim Bailey (Channel 10 Weather)
  • Karl Stephanovic (TV Presenter, The Today Show)
  • Shelley Craft (TV Host, Funniest Home Videos)
  • Andy and Hamish (TV and Radio Personalities)
  • Matty Johns (Former NRL Player, TV Host)


  • Nicole Kidman (Actress)
  • Keith Urban (Singer)
  • Hugh Jackman (Actor)
  • Tim Flannery (Scientist)
  • Pat Rafter (Tennis)
  • Bec Hewett (Actress)
  • Grant Hackett (Swimmer)
  • Kathy Freeman (Olympic Gold Medalist)


  • Kevin Rudd (Politician)
  • Wayne Swan (Politician)
  • Wayne Bennett (NRL Coach)
  • Fred Hollows (Eye Surgeon)
  • Ian Thorpe (Swimmer)



  • Barbara Walters (TV Host)
  • Judith Sheindlin (Judge Judy)
  • Donald Trump (Businessman)
  • Jeremy Clarkson (TV Host, Top Gear)
  • Hilary Clinton (Politician)
  • John McEnroe (Tennis Player)
  • Roseanne Conner (Actress, Roseanne)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor)


  • Richard Branson (Businessman)
  • Dolly Parton (Singer)
  • Jay Leno (Late Night TV Host)
  • Robin Williams (Actor)
  • Steve Martin (Actor)
  • Jim Carey (Actor)


  • Gandhi
  • Jimmy Stewart (Actor)
  • Michelle Obama (Barack Obama’s Wife)
  • John Denver (Singer)
  • Laura Bush (Wife of George W. Bush)
  • Michael J Fox (Actor)


  • Albert Einstein (Physicist)
  • Bill Gates (Businessman)
  • Ernie Els (Golfer)
  • Henry Kissinger (Politician)
  • Kevin Costner (Actor)
  • James May (TV Host on Top Gear)
  • Al Gore (Politician)
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