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Top 10 Career Paths For Humanities PhDs

The Employment Future Is Bright For Humanities PhDs

Humanities PhDs are highly sought after by the right employers because of their specialist subject knowledge, forged from years spent researching and analysing high volumes of information to draw new insights and ideas.

1. Higher Education Administrator.

Professional jobs at universities, colleges, and community colleges benefit greatly from the skills and specialised knowledge of PhDs in the humanities and social sciences.

2. Financial Analyst.

Research skills, project management, and highly curated quantitative skills are valued greatly by finance companies large and small, in areas such as banking, hedge funds, and private trade groups.

3. Government Policy Advisor.

The government in the US alone is spread across more than 100 agencies and bureaus, each with its own specialist area that’s in charge of hiring.

4. Industry Researcher.

They need PhDs to put their skills to use in areas like fundraising, market research, public sentiment research, program evaluation, and more.

5. Technical Writer.

They are also experts in developing, gathering, and distributing complex information through an organisation’s communications channels.

6. Secondary School Teacher/Learning Consultant.

The opportunity to continue to interact with students and contribute to their education is a drawcard for many PhDs, particularly in the humanities fields.

7. Not-For-Profit Officer.

There are lobby groups, charities, foundations, and institutes that seek the services of professionals who can write grants, conduct research, fundraise, and develop programs for their clients.

8. Consulting.

This critical thinking and the ability to troubleshoot will be beneficial for companies to develop better strategies for success.

9. International Development.

You can contribute to areas such as policy development and analysis, communications, sponsorship, and international relations, giving you the opportunity to contribute to social change and forge a career helping the world to move forward.

10. Academic Publishing.

A long and fervent commitment to completing a large body of work, as well as navigating complex information, and applying negotiation and problem-solving skills in a literary area, are just some of the reasons PhDs are looked upon favourably for publishing jobs.

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