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David Otto – Security Risk in 2019 Nigeria Presidential Election

Nigeria elections are usually marked by tensions and violence but the death of 66 persons in Kaduna – Kajuru LGA including women and children at the eve of February 2019 (Postponed Elections to March 23rd) signals election and post election violence in the Nigerian 2019 Elections – Global Risk International Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Expert David Otto analysis the situation on Aljazeera news.

Al-Shabaab Hunts US & Western Interest In East Africa – Following Drone Strikes

Aljazeera speaks to Global Risk International Counter Terrorism Expert David Otto CMAS. Al-Shabaab justifies January 2019 suicide & assault attacks in Nairobi & Somalia on US support of the declaration of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel – says target was selected because it was home to western expatriates, hotels, restaurants and Banks. But how can the US and Somalia address the Al-Shabaab AQ & ISIS upsurge?

Does Boko Haram ISWAP Exploit Nigeria Presidential Election Vacuum OR The Other Way Round?

Arise News Charles Anagoru interviews Global Risk International Security analyst and Counter Terrorism Expert David Otto – CMAS – on the impact of Jihadist activities in the upcoming February 2019 Presidential elections; the changes in ISWAP faction tactics and the displacement of resettled refugees to neighbouring Cameroon and Niger.

The ‘Ambazonia’ Conflict – Security Expert Calls For Dialogue and Negotiation.

Global Risk International Ltd UK Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Expert David Otto comments on Aljazeera on the need for the Cameroon government to call for a meaningful and inclusive dialogue in the two majority English regions of Cameroon. The call follows the 46th anniversary celebration of the Unification (1972) of the two Cameroons (20th May 2018 ) amidst more than two years of instability and violent clashes between separatist/ federalist and government forces. David Otto calls on the government and the President -Paul Biya to use his high office to promote a dialogue at all cost with the help of the international community (US,UK,France, UN, AU, Pave The Way Foundation, The Church). No government wins a war against its own people.

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