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TOP 10 Most Interesting UX Design Case Studies To Inspire Your Service Reinvention In 2018

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UX Design Agency for Banking and FintechFollowDec 22, 2017

There are a lot of talks about UX design role in creating exceptional digital services. Almost everyone agrees that it is impossible to succeed in digital market without using UX design methods and Design Thinking process.

As we all know it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. That’s why financial UX Design Agency team collected for you UX Design Case Studies delivered by practitioners from all over the globe.

This is a great chance to uncover user-centred interface engineering process in action. We hope those insights will inspire you to schedule some crucial reinventions of your digital service in 2018.

So, let’s find out how delightful experience can be delivered to your customers:

The Future of Airline Websites

by Fantasy

“In today’s digital world we value speed and simplicity. This is what enables one-click shopping and real-time updates on everything from world news to what your friend had for lunch. But somehow the potentially engaging activity of booking a flight is actually quite the opposite. What would an engaging airline site look like?”

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How Hubspot Redesigned Their Homepage

by Jerry Cao

“When the company grew massively from a private company to a multi-product, public global organization, a homepage redesign was in order. And it needed to happen quickly. This is the story of how a designer applied the focused research, collaboration and unwavering customer focus of Lean UX to deliver bottom-line results.”

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UI/UX Concept of Mobile-Only Challenger Bank

by financial UX Design Agency — UXDA

“Finding a banking service of the future is not such a bad idea, right? After all, technology that disrupts the banking industry, if used properly, can become its savior. We have spent the last few months combining our knowledge and experience from engineering dozens of financial services in UXDA with recent trends in the financial industry to create vision of the future banking.”

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Designing a better cinema experience

by Ariel Verber

“Going to the cinema is a fun experience, but ordering the tickets in many apps and website often feels like navigation in a really long and frustrating process.”

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Fitbit: The UX behind the habit of exercise

by Stacey Wang

“Fitbit is a great product with a grand mission to get people moving. To achieve this, it faces one of the biggest challenges — changing a person’s habit. It’s packed with a lot of powerful tools to do just that, such as setting personal goals, tracking and logging exercise and social fitness challenges.“

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Explore Canada: Native Mobile App Design

by Danielle Borisoff

“The mobile app Explore Canada is a travel app focused on highlighting exciting, unique and memorable experiences around the country — not just the typical travel spots which can be found across other apps and competitive sites. Its primary purpose is as a promotional tool to help entice travelers to visit Canada vs other out-of-country destinations and businesses.”

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UnivCam — Album & Image sorting application

by Hyouk Seo

“UnivCam is an application for college students who want to sort and classify their albums and images in clean and intuitive way. Designer want to share his experience of this project’s case study and design process from start to publish on iOS App Store and Google Play Store.”

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How changing “Houzz” can inspire you to change your home style

by Aya Khalifa

“We are all looking for self-expression and inspiration. We express ourselves through fashion, music, art, and through furniture. Houzz is an interior design app that has thousands of furniture inspirations for users to express their styles.”

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FoodMix — Cooking App

by Vitaly Dulenko

“If there was an app that could advise you something to eat? For example, an app that allows you to select ingredients you have in your fridge and get some interesting recipes. Let the app not you think about what to cook!”

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Echo — Designing User Experience and User Interface

by Tubik Studio

“The task at hand was very clear and at the same time quite broad: to create the social network enabling users to deal with music on their mobiles and other devices.”

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