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‘Remote’ Web Development Intern (unpaid role)

‘Remote’ Web Development Internship (unpaid role)

Intern Responsibilities

At Raciti Designs, Interns are expected to be professionally well-versed with basic ethics, which includes arriving on time (as specified by the company), notifying the team leader of any deviations from the established schedule, and dressing to the standards of the organization and the work being performed. Respect the organization’s reporting structure and follow the policies and procedures of the organization.

During the internship tenure, intern will be be working on following verticals (ingroup or individually)

1. Work on the company homepage as a full stack developer

2. Build robust, high performing, and slick web applications

3. Work alongside the design team to develop new features focused on user experience

4. Actively participate in product decisions, ensuring we set reasonable development deadlines

This is a great opportunity for TAFE or University students to great experience in the ICT markets.

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