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Images 8.4

78% of images have a clearly defined size

97 images are being resized by the browser

Page titles 9.0

100% of pages have defined titles

20% of page titles are weak

Page titles

Page titleNotes | Robot.Limited | UserX – Interface | Bootstrap | WordPress | Data Cloud Design | X-ChangeThis title appears to be overly complex. Consider a more meaningful title
Overview – | Robot.Limited | UserXOK
Capabilities Services Products – | Robot.Limited | UserXOK
Digital Transformation: Branding, Presentation, Prototype, UI, UX – | Robot.Limited | UserXOK
Chat-bots Industrial 4.0 Cyber Physical System – Network Robots: – | Robot.Limited | UserXOK


Every URLis well written

  • This website uses appropriate web addresses (URLs) throughout. This is excellent and will help search engine placement, usability and the marketability of this website.

Printability 10.0

100% of pages are optimised for printing

  • All of this website appears to be optimised for printing (using CSS).

Media specific CSS detected

Meta tags 10.0

This is how this website will look in Google search listings: | Robot.Limited | UserX – Interface | Bootstrap | …

Sydney UX Designer, Melbourne UX Designer, #1 UX Designer Specialist UI Interfaces WC3 WCAG for Fortune 500 Software UI Apps Nasdaq ASX Companies @ …

  • All pages were found to include a meta description. This is good because search engines (like Google) show this text in search result pages.

Meta Tags (name attribute)

Headings 10.0

access account advertising agencyapartments artificial australian banking baselinebeats beyond business cameras cast channel check clearancecustomer cyber defence designdesigner desktop drive federal fortune giovanni googlegovernment home ibiza intelligenceinternational interview investigation kahluakollective learning machine management melbourne news officeorganisation park part penthouse police proposalpublishing raciti randazzo report robotics securitysenate services sicily sydney system tellerterrorism theme tour translate wonderland wonderland’ workworld zoho

  • All pages were found to use defined headings. This is excellent as it allows visitors and search engines to summarise the content of webpages quickly. Correctly defined headings aid accessibility and are particularly important for search engine optimisation.

Server behaviour 10.0


404 page



  • This website handles missing pages correctly by sending a 404 HTTP status code.
  • This website was served with GZIP encoding. This is very good because it reduces the loading time of a web page.
  • This website follows the best practice of using a permanent (HTTP 301) redirect between URLs with/without trailing slashes. This is ideal.
  • This website follows the best practice of using a permanent (HTTP 301) redirect from to This is ideal.

Mobile 10.0

Mobile screenshot of
Tablet screenshot of
  • All of this website appears to be optimised for viewing on a mobile phone or a tablet.

Media specific CSS detected

Amount of content 10.0

Average words per page1,901 average words per page05001000

  • This website has an average of 1,901 words per page. The amount of content on a website has been shown to correlate with its search engine ranking.

Amount of content discovered

Freshness 10.0

Last updated June 3, 2019

  • It looks like this website was last updated on Monday, 3 June 2019. This is good because visitors perceive up-to-date websites as more credible. Websites that are updated regularly are also spidered by search engines more often.
  • To find this information we used the last modified dates reported by this website’s server in addition to looking for dates written on each page.

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