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Ancestral Origins: Austria, Scotland & Wales…

mtDNA – Ancestral Origins

CountryMatch TotalCountry TotalPercentageComments
Germany117293< 0.1 %
Italy25427< 0.1 %
United States112333< 0.1 %

Y-DNA: 25 Marker

CountryMatch TotalCountry TotalPercentageComments
England1036969< 0.1 %
France15146< 0.1 %
Germany117272< 0.1 %
Ireland724736< 0.1 %
United Kingdom411221< 0.1 %
United States516720< 0.1 %

Central & Eastern Europe

  • U5a1c: found in France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Sicily / found in Mesolithic Latvia and Serbia
  • U5a1c1: found in Mesolithic Latvia and Serbia
  • U5a1c2: found in Scandinavia and Pomerania

Elliott & Wall Norman Families related to the Sicilian Families of Randazzo Catania Sicily.

The Bell Beaker culture or short Beaker culture, is an archaeological culture named after the inverted-bell beaker drinking vessel used at the very beginning of the European Bronze Age. Arising from around 2800 BC, and lasting in continental Europe until 2300 BC, succeeded by the Unetice culture, in Britain until as late as 1800 BC. The culture was widely scattered throughout Western Europe, from various regions in Iberia and spots facing northern Africa to the Danubian plains, the British Isles, and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.


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Genetic Distance ↑NameEarliest Known AncestorY-DNA HaplogroupTerminal SNPMatch Date
0Mr. Thomas Macpherson IV   Y-DNA67       R-M2694/23/2019
0Michael Wall   Y-DNA111    FF   R-M2694/15/2019
0Howard Kaime   Y-DNA111       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. David Steven Lacey   Y-DNA111       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Patrick Brady Faul    Y-DNA111    FF  Big Y Francis Michael Faul, b.1822 ishR-BY4221BY42213/30/2019
0Mr. Austin David Wall Sr.   Y-DNA67       Shadrach Wall, b.c. 1781, Md w. Elizabeth MatthewsR-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Alfred James Ellwood Esq.   Y-DNA67       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Harold Hunter Irvine   Y-DNA67       R-M269M2693/30/2019
0John Clinton Elliott    Y-DNA67    FF   Eugene John ElliottR-M2693/30/2019
0Edward Elliott   Y-DNA67       R-M2693/30/2019
0Hugh Conn Reid   Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0Charles Lee Wall    Y-DNA111    FF  Big Y Thomas Wall 1834-1915 LondonR-BY23934BY239343/30/2019
0William Coleman    Y-DNA111    FF   John Hill Coleman b. 1817 and d. 1864R-M2693/30/2019
0ROBERT MCCULLOCH   Y-DNA37       Thomas McCulloch b 1811R-M2693/30/2019
0Robert Walls    Y-DNA111    FF   John Wall(s) b. abt 1827 d. 1903R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Nathan John Elliott    Y-DNA111    FF   John ElliottR-M2693/30/2019
0Duane Lewis    Y-DNA111    FF   Abraham Lewis, b. 1715 and d. 1802R-M2693/30/2019
0Johan Jacques Mansson   Y-DNA37    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0Teddy Walls    Y-DNA37    FF   Clement K. Wall b.1777 NC – d.1854 Marshall Co MSR-M2693/30/2019
0David Moorhouse   Y-DNA67       R-M2693/30/2019
0Wayne Lewis    Y-DNA111    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0Ronald K. Lewis   Y-DNA67       Abraham Lewis, dob possibly 1715, PennR-M2693/30/2019
0Daniel Lacey   Y-DNA67       R-M2693/30/2019
0FREDERIC ELLIOTT   Y-DNA67       R-M2693/30/2019
0Richard S. Nixon   Y-DNA37       William Abraham NixonR-M2693/30/2019

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Genetic Distance ↑NameEarliest Known AncestorY-DNA HaplogroupTerminal SNPMatch Date
0Mr. Michael Dirk Lewis    Y-DNA111    FF  Big Y William LEWIS, b 1797 Westmoreland Co., PA, USAR-FGC13742FGC137423/30/2019
0Richard Bennett Jr.   Y-DNA111       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. John Crozier    Y-DNA111    FF  Big Y John Crozier born 1782 Durham died?R-BY14138BY141383/30/2019
0Shawn Elliott   Y-DNA111    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0Chris McKenzie    Y-DNA111    FF   Walter D MckenzieR-M2693/30/2019
0Jaden Wall    Y-DNA111    FF  Big Y Thomas Wall b. 1834 and died 1915R-BY23934BY239343/30/2019
0Norman Weldon Read Jr.   Y-DNA111    FF  Big Y William Oscar Read, b.1844, d. 1901R-BY14138BY141383/30/2019
0Mr. Peter Snipe   Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0Michael Maloy Faul    Y-DNA67    FF   Francis Michael Faul b. 1822ishR-ZZ5_1ZZ5_13/30/2019
0William Elliott    Y-DNA37    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0Joseph Glendinning   Y-DNA111    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0Barrington John Elliot   Y-DNA37       Robert Ellot, d. 1497R-M2693/30/2019
0John A Elliot   Y-DNA111    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0Donna Lee Hilbert    Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Alcino Francisco da Silva   Y-DNA67    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0Paolo Oprandi   Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0James Ernest Elliott   Y-DNA111       William Elliot, b 1826 RoxburghR-M2693/30/2019
0Eric HORRIOT   Y-DNA37       Roger Horriot, b. 1930R-M2693/30/2019
0Daniel Ellenwood    Y-DNA67       Ralph Ellingwood, b. 1607 and d. 1673R-M2693/30/2019
0Timothy R Nickson    Y-DNA67       NicksonR-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. John Allan Elliott    Y-DNA111    FF   William Elliott, 1828-1867R-S5982S59823/30/2019
0Mr. Todd A. Elliott (C/O Debra Hughey Parsons)    Y-DNA111    FF   John William Simon Elliott, b. 1720 and d. 1785R-M2693/30/2019
0Roger William Bodman   Y-DNA67       George Bodman, 1820-1896R-M2693/30/2019
0Donald Richard Elliott    Y-DNA67       John Thomas ElliottR-M2693/30/2019
0Ward Lyal Scranage    Y-DNA111    FF   William Scranage b. ~1780R-M2693/30/2019

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Genetic Distance ↑NameEarliest Known AncestorY-DNA HaplogroupTerminal SNPMatch Date
0William L. Clendenin   Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. John James Elliott   Y-DNA111       R-S5982S59823/30/2019
0Mr. David Eugene Elliott   Y-DNA67    FF   James Elliott b 1805 Washington Co., KyR-L193L1933/30/2019
0Mr. Michael Timmins    Y-DNA111       Michael Timmins (1764-1835)R-Z253Z2533/30/2019
0Mr. Wayne Roy Markel    Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0John Robert Clendenen   Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0Kenneth E. Elliott    Y-DNA67       ElliottR-M2693/30/2019
0James E. Elliott   Y-DNA25       ElliottR-M2693/30/2019
0Richard Dane Lewis    Y-DNA111    FF   Abraham Lewis b.1715, Haverford, Chester Co. PAR-FGC13742FGC137423/30/2019
0Cary D Oakes   Y-DNA37       Virl F. Oakes, 1909-1936R-M2693/30/2019
0David Wimsett   Y-DNA37    FF   wimsettR-M2693/30/2019
0reg orville elliott    Y-DNA111    FF  Big Y Mr. William Elliott, b. 1823 and d. 1886R-BY11214BY112143/30/2019
0Steven Wright   Y-DNA37    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Mark Robert Davis   Y-DNA25    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0chris hall    Y-DNA111    FF   Alexander Lander Hall b1828 Alabama d1904 MS, USAR-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. James Foster Elliott Sr.   Y-DNA67       William Elliott, b: 1772, Ireland, D: 1856 CanadaR-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Rene Michael Elliott    Y-DNA67    FF   John Elliot 1768R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Charles William Elliott   Y-DNA67       Andrew Elliott, abt 1778, abt 1820R-L513L5133/30/2019
0James Walker Elliot   Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Donald Lee Elliott   Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Forest Elliott   Y-DNA37       William Elliott b1773 d:Clinton county OhioR-M2693/30/2019
0Dr.  Y-DNA67       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Roderic John Elliott   Y-DNA37       Robert Elliott, 1857 – 1930R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. Robert Elliott   Y-DNA37       John Elliott 1810-1859R-M2693/30/2019
0Dr. Jess Patten Elliott   Y-DNA111    FF   ElliottR-M2693/30/2019

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Genetic Distance ↑NameEarliest Known AncestorY-DNA HaplogroupTerminal SNPMatch Date
0Mr. William Leonard Murray    Y-DNA111    FF   John Murray 1760-1848 Bewcastle & Mary PottsR-M2693/30/2019
0James Gerald Elliot    Y-DNA37       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. H. T. Elliott   Y-DNA37       ElliottR-M2693/30/2019
0Norman Eugene Pryor   Y-DNA67       Red Elliot, b,c, 1760, ScotlandR-M269M2693/30/2019
0Faithann Neal   Y-DNA67    FF   R-M2693/30/2019
0Charles E. Lancaster   Y-DNA67       John Lancaster, London and VirginiaR-M2693/30/2019
0Paul Richard Pryor   Y-DNA67       R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. James Preston Hay    Y-DNA67       Alexander Hay, b1846 and d 1914R-M2693/30/2019
0Terry Sullivan   Y-DNA111       R-M2693/30/2019
0CrosierAdam Crosier (b. 1751 in Scotland, d. 1829)R-M2693/30/2019
0ElliottAlexander Elliott, 1686-1762 Banbridge, N IrelandR-L21L213/30/2019
0Mr. ElliottLt Col Anthony Elliott b 1610 Yorkshire EnglandR-L193L1933/30/2019
0Mr. JarmanJohn Jarman b1746 Bishopgate d1806R-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. WhitesideJohn William Whiteside, b. 1790 (Family 4600)R-BY11221BY112213/30/2019
0DennyJohn M Denny b. 1853 KY/ d. unkownR-M2693/30/2019
0Mr. ElliottRobert Elliot 1720-1786R-L193L1933/30/2019
0WALLEzekiel Wall, b.1790 and d.1876R-Y70000Y700003/30/2019
0WallEzekiel WALL, b.1790 and d.1876R-Y70000Y700003/30/2019
0WallEzekiel Wall, b. 1781 MarylandR-M2693/30/2019


The name Eliot appears in Normandy in 1195 and a son of Anschar Elyot in 1198.

It has been argued by Keith Elliott Hunter that the origins of the St. Germans Eliot family were among the Bretons accompanying William the Conqueror, who were originally rewarded with lands in Devon. The Breton origin of Eliot and Elliot is indicated by these names being in significant clusters in Morbihan, southern Brittany. Soon after victory at the Battle of Hastings Elliots, under Count Brien of Penthievre (Morbihan), were despatched to the West Country. Other Eliots were sent later to Monmouthshire in South Wales and to the marcher counties, where significant clusters of the name can be found today. Bretons also settled in the north, as vassals of the Breton Earl of Richmond, Alan of Penthievre.

Large surviving clusters of Eliots in Normandy (Seine Maritime) today could be due to later grants of land. The Alliots, found also in Southern Brittany and the Loire Atlantique, had lands in the modern French departement of Aisne. One variant in Scotland was Dalliot (or, more likely, d’Alliot) and a variation from the Breton original name Ellegouet, from which the Scots variant Elligott is derived, is to be found in clusters in Finistere. Elot is also a Breton name variant.

The WALL family name dates back to Normandy, France where the name was originally de Val or de Valle. The de Val clan came from Scandinavia about 750. Members of the de Val family migrated to England and pared down the name to WALL. William the Conquerer had sent the de Vals to England to act as spies prior to his invasion from St Valery, Normandy with 12,000 men on Sep 27, 1066. When the Normans invaded, the de Vals’ refused to fight and changed their name to Wall to hide their identity. Many were persecuted and executed for refusing to fight. They settled and lived for centuries in Gloucestershire around Stroud and Dursley.

The Wall name has origins in Normandy. William de Wall was one of strong-bow captains in the invasion of England/Ireland. The Wall name is connected to the surname Du Val. Du Val has its origins in Normandy as well. My ancestors came directly from Durham England and settled in New Zealand as farmers. I have been told my family were supposed to be keepers of Hadrian’s Wall, hence living close to the wall, with origins in Durham. From study I have done on Hadrian’s Wall I found there was a mixed bag of races working on the wall hundreds of years ago. This is due to the Roman army building the wall. With this in mind there could be multiple people with the Wall surname; not because that is their real ancestry, but because they worked on or near Hadrian’s Wall.

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