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Certified of UN Status

Academy of Universal Global Peace
(A Unit of Snahalaya Ashram)
IGO – Inter-governmental organization

Certified from the records of this office that UNITED NATIONS PEACEKEEPING FORCES MISSION INTERGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION INC. is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Florida, filed electronically on February 14, 2017, effective  February 14, 2017.

The document number of this corporation is N17000001654. 

Federal Identification Number FEI / EIN: 81-5353074.

Further certified that said corporation has paid all fees due this office through December 31, 2017, and its status is active.

Further certified that this is an electronically transmitted certificate authorized by section 15.16, Florida Statutes, and authenticated by the code noted below.

Authentication Code: 170215080858-30029552392

Great Seal of the State of Florida at Tallahassee, the Capital, this the Fifteenth day of February, 2017

The administration is aiming to reduce its contribution from 28.5% to 25% of the total costs of the force.

The claim has prompted a storm of outrage, but just who are the UN’s “Blue Helmets”, and what do they do?

Who they are

  • UN peacekeeping forces include soldiers, police officers, and – perhaps more surprisingly – local civilian personnel.
  • The forces are multinational: since 1948, 130 nations have provided personnel to them.
  • Since 1998 there has been a six-fold increase in the number of peacekeeping forces deployed in missions across the globe. The total number of military personnel currently on deployment in 18 countries stands at 74,000.
  • Surprisingly, the brunt of the work is carried by developing nations. In August 2016, the ten highest contributing nations were Ethiopia (8,326), India (7,471), Pakistan (7,161), Bangladesh (6,772), Rwanda (6,146), Nepal (5,131), Senegal (3,617), Burkina Faso (3,036), Ghana (2,972), and Egypt (2,889).
  • The UN has being trying to increase the participation of women in peacekeeping missions, with some limited success. In 2014 , out of a total of about 125,000 peacekeepers, women constituted 3% of military personnel and 10% of police personnel in UN Peacekeeping missions. This compares to UN headquarters, where 48% of staff are female.

What they do

  • The Blue Helmets can be deployed both to implement and monitor peacekeeping agreements.
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