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Lorgan helps its clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. The management team is a vibrant mix of strategy and execution specialists with extensive experience in offering consulting and managed services to their clients. We take pride in our high standard advisory services to our clients and excellence in technology.

Lorgan helps its clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change.

We take pride in our high standard advisory services to our clients and excellence in technology. Our deep experience in cutting edge technologies, latest trends & innovative concepts give us a clear and unique position in creating greater value for clients and our own employees.
We love tapping into global talent and trust extensive partner relationships, which in turn help us, drive collaboration and leverage technology independence.

We have a clear vision for navigating the future, and our consultants have successfully delivered challenging assignments many times.
We support performance-based culture combined with transparency, honesty, and integrity.

Our management team is a vibrant mix of strategy and execution specialists with extensive experience in offering innovative product(s) development, consulting and managed services to their clients.



Srikanth Markonda (Sri) is the Chief Executive Officer & founder of Lorgan with close to a couple of decades of experience. Sri combines deep technical & management knowledge with an expert-eye in strategic relationship building and negotiating win-win outcomes. Sri loves driving organisational changes and strongly believes the core strength of a company lies within its team. Sri has astute, versatile experience in simplifying the core business processes & gives utmost importance to customer centric delivery.

In the past, Sri led several initiatives in various positions such as Global CTO, COO, Regional Group Manager across Products, Services and Consulting units of the world’s most revered firms such as Emagine, Infosys, Verizon, Wipro and TCS.

Sri is highly recognised in the market especially in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Marketing Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Information Management, Digital & Non-digital Marketing using Big Data, Fast data, Real-Time Behavioural Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Robotics. Sri played key role in starting up multiple offshore development centres in the past and managed with utmost benefits in terms of coverage and profitability.

Sri has a “Master of Technology” from “Indian Institute of Technology“, Chennai and has been certified from world’s premier institute “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” in “Artificial Intelligence“.

A few notable awards and recognitions:

• Interviewed by Forrester, VoltDB and various other research firms on topics around Digital Marketing and Real-time Interactions with subscribers using scientific intelligence.
• Selected and invited by PMI – USA to participate in their global PMP examination development programs.
• Face to face discussions with Bill Inmon on Next Gen Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence
• Certified Business Intelligence Professional CBIP
• Certified Data Management Professional CDMP

Global Experience

Worked in UK, US, India and Australia. Visited on business trips to Middle East and Africa. Handled clients across the globe.

Clients and companies worked with

Telco icons: Verizon – US, Telstra – Aus, Optus – Aus, VHA – Aus, Vodacom – Africa, Etisalat – Africa, Du – ME
FSI icons: NAB, MLC, Westpac, AMP, Rabobank
E&U icons: National Grid – UK, True Energy – Aus, Integral Energy – Aus
MFG icons: Canon

Quality Systems & InfoSec implementations: ISO 14001, 27001, CMMi, Lean & ITIL



Eddie is a very Highly Motivated, Creative and Versatile Executive with Comprehensive Experience in Information Technology Organizations. He is committed to the Highest Levels of Professional Excellence including Life Long Learning and Building Productive Relationships with Colleagues and Clients. Leading large globally distributed teams of developers, product managers and architects.

Eddie is very well known as a Thought Leader in the Big Data, Cloud & Security space and known for public presentations and lectures at Universities. In addition to the technical side of his capabilities, he is also an absolute business-minded leader with a unique blend of domain knowledge, management expertise, corporate vision and the effective use of IT solutions to maximise business potential. He is strong at creating and building key performance metrics, enable profitable growth, and push for operational excellence within the organisations he works with.

His specialities include but not limited to:
“Big Data” Solutions, Vendor Negotiations and Relationships, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Social / Mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Managing large distributed teams, Financial Planning, Enterprise Architecture, Virtualization, Infrastructure Consolidation, Strategy Roadmaps, Directory Architecture, Server Architecture, Management Systems Architecture, Network Infrastructure, Process Modelling, Service Modelling and being a Trusted Advisor roles for executives across business and IT.
His career snapshot as given below:
• CTO – DataNexus
• Head of Data Pipeline & Prod Engineering – IAG
• Chief Evangelist / CTO – Splunk
• CTO Cyber, Mobile, IoT, Cloud and Bigdata & Analytics – CSC
• CTO – CMI, Inc.
• CTO – Enterprise Architects, Inc.
• Sr Director Architecture & Emerging Technologies – Expedia

Eddie will provide advisory to Lorgan’s executive team with guidance in the areas of growth, innovation embedded with thought leadership.



Krishan has over 30 years of experience and is an Enterprise ICT Adviser also heaps of work experience in Organisations such as ANZ, CBA, Optus, IBM, CSC, IGA, Vodafone, Australia, Indian and Chinese Governments and Sydney and New Delhi Universities.

Krishan’s experience spans ICT Strategy, Business Innovation, Thought Leadership in Networks, Systems, Security and Applications. His favourite quote is that no one is paid until the business works and has perfect business continuity. This has led him to guide enterprise teams in ICT Strategy, Methodology and in rigorous testing and placement of Cloud and infrastructure.

Krishan has played top roles in his career such as:
• Chief Technology Officer CBA Institutional Banking
• Chief Information Officer IGA
• Cloud and Cybersecurity Adviser UTS and Macquarie University
• Director of Technology Marketing OzEmail Australia
• eBusiness Practice Leader CSC
• Strategy and Architecture Manager Westpac
• Technology Adviser for Optus

In the last ten years, Krishan has worked on Cloud Planning, Designs Implementations for IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. These designs and implementations such as at ANZ and IGA have started with Hosted Systems transferred to a Private Cloud and then to a Hybrid Cloud made up of Public and Private Clouds. The Designs and Solution developed made him deal with ICT vendors and providers from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, IBM and HP.

Krishan works effectively in highly complex multi-system large changing environments that need planning from Policy, Principles, Standards, Design to Commissioning and implementations.

Krishan likes chairing meetings in above areas and is often considered as a right-hand man of Business Executive and Business Managers. He has extensive cyber security skills as per ISO 27001 Standard.
He is the founder of the Security Special Interest Group of the Australian Computer Society.

Krishan has widely travelled around Australia, Africa, India, Europe, USA and South America and made professional ICT presentations as a keynote speaker on a variety of ICT topics.

Krishan will support Lorgan’s executive team in offering best solutions that suit its clients.



Shobhana is very well known in the IT industry for her excellence in leadership and management, she has over 25 years of experience in the IT Industry across the globe.

In the past, Shobhana led practices with close to 2000 employees, 40+ diverse clients and also headed an entire unit of Systems Integration consisting of various practices such as Cloud, DWH, BI, Analytics, Security, Integration for various regions including US, India, Europe, Australia and NZ regions. She was instrumental for its phenomenal growth of over 250%.

Shobhana has very strong Customer & Account management skill having worked closely with customers in US, Europe and Australia. She had played a key role in establishing multiple accounts across the globe; to name a few, NAB, Telstra, Canon, AMP, Westpac, Bank Of America etc.

In addition to this, Shobhana has also headed end-to-end operations of a very large Software Development Centre based out of India with over 1200 people involving complex processes right from onboarding employees to off-boarding, in India and abroad.

Over the course of her career, she has handled global teams in high performing & result-oriented environments. She had the best employee retention score among others in the executive management team.

Shobhana is an absolutely outstanding leader and has had an excellent track record of growing new portfolios and teams as well as managing operations with entire P&L responsibility.

Lorgan’s CEO and rest of management team will leverage Shobhana’s expertise in an advisory role on setting up large global teams, including but not limited to Team building, Interpersonal skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Counselling ability covering various areas such as Consulting, Product & Professional services, Pre-sales, Sales, Human Resources Management & Finance.



Mr. Sirikonda is a well-known entrepreneur with significant experience working in the Technology space for over 15 years. During the course of his career, Mr. Sirikonda worked on various executive roles with organisations such as Nexus, Aries, IPP Technologies, X-Infinity, Angaros, and Sumo Group based out of Australia, USA, Europe, Singapore and Asia. He worked closely with a number of Private and Government organisations based out of Australia, as well as globally.

Mr. Sirikonda is widely connected with the workings of next generation technologies, especially around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, AR, VR, and Cyber Security. He is an outstanding leader with an excellent track record in winning / growing multi million dollar businesses.

In addition, he is a seasoned investor holding key roles in organisations in areas of Capital, Advisory, and Ventures.

After deep diving into Lorgan’s product capabilities and its potential in the market, Mr. Sirikonda is excited to be part of Lorgan as a Director – Business Development. In this role, he will work very closely with the CEO and other Executive management team to take various products and services of Lorgan to the market.



John is highly experienced Business Development Manager with demonstrated history of working in the software industry. He is skilled in Strategic Partnerships and Relationship Management. He has worked multiple Fortune 500 companies in the market such as PWC, Government, UNSW etc., He strongly believes in offering the right solution to the clients and makes sure there is a clear win win situation in all the opportunities he works on.


Lorgan offers highly configurable analytics and machine learning services that can gather zeta bytes of data into its behavioural lake and generate data science related features, also known as Feature Engineering, on the fly without requiring intensive coding capabilities. This highly secured automated behavioural lake in Enigma is capable of running both in real-time as well as in batch and is currently hosted on a Google Cloud Platform for unlimited scalability and minimal implementation time. Enigma utilises machine learning to make appropriate prescriptions or recommendations. Lorgan’s Enigma has multiple areas of applications.


Lorgan’s team has extensive experience working on multiple domains, and consulting with C-Level executives in various organisations 9 Financial Services & Insurance Experience (yrs) 12 Communications, Media & Entertainment (yrs) 6 Retail & Manufacturing (yrs)8 Energy & Utilities (yrs)


Address: Sydney & Hyderabad Phone: +61 406 280 576 Email:















Director – Business Development SEE BIO


Business Development ManagerSEE BIO

Lorgan announces its partnership with Data Nexus

Lorgan is excited to announce our partnership with “Data Nexus”. We are delighted to offer our clients this fully automated “ZTP – Zero Touch Provisioned” platform that is immutable and can run on hybrid clouds or bare metal. What is Data Nexus? Eddie Satterly founded “Data Nexus” with a simple problem statement of taking data […]

Search & AI based Analytics .. hmm

Can you imagine generating analytics using Search & AI…? Lorgan can do this… Lorgan can generate Search & AI driven analytics, just like the way you search on google for any information…. Get in touch with us if you want to know more on this topic…

Big data is no longer big ….

Who said it is difficult to do feature engineering on Peta byte scale data…? Lorgan has generated features in just a few mins…! Interested ? Give us a call, and we can have an in-depth conversation…



To have the power of data at your fingertips is one thing. Knowing how to use it is something else! Most companies can’t wrap their head around how data can help them to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

With over two decades of experienced leaders in the big data and advanced analytics arena, Lorgan firmly believes that the developments around big data in recent years are only the tip of the iceberg. The massive potential of machine learning and data analytics has relevance in diverse applications across many verticals, which was never easy to implement before. Lorgan was born with an objective of redefining how people and organisations see data and helping them harness the power of their data resources. The company leverages world-class technology to develop dynamic and highly-specialized Engineering & Science products, solutions and services to generate additional value by better understanding any entity’s behaviour and predictability. The entity can be a Customer, Product or any other meaningful subject area within the underlying data in the behavioural lake.

“The entire data-driven insights & predictions generation, monetisation, and understanding of various patterns in behaviour data in a useful way comes at an exorbitant price and takes a lot of time by the companies,” reveals Markonda, Lorgan’s CEO and Founder.

“At Lorgan, we have taken charge to bring data easily into our behavioural data lake and implemented innovative ways to use it easily and cost-effectively. Our AI-powered platform, Enigma, based on powerful serverless architecture, performs everything from the data ingestion with completely automated data quality framework to completely automated Feature engineering, generating actionable data insights for data scientists and business users enabling them to make right decisions at the right time.”


Lorgan offers following products to enable businesses best results by understanding various types of behaviours.

We are all about “Behavioural Science”


Highly secured, automated behavioural lake on Cloud with unlimited scalability and minimal implementation time.


Fully managed, notebook style machine learning platform to Build, Train and Deploy models.


Easy to ingest real time data streams combined with Machine Learning based decisioning in under 200 milliseconds.


Detect the level of honesty of individuals and mitigate risks associated in interviews, interrogations (airports, police), security etc.,


Lorgan offers highly configurable analytics and machine learning services that can gather zeta bytes of data into behavioural lakes and generate data science related features (also known a Feature Engineering) on the fly, without requiring intensive coding capabilities. This highly secured, automated behavioural lake in Enigma is capable of running both in real-time as well as in batch and is currently hosted on Google Cloud Platform for unlimited scalability and minimal implementation time. Enigma utilises machine learning to make appropriate prescriptions / recommendations.

Our platform can integrate with any source system and analyses entire behavioural lifecycles of any specific entity or subject area that clients want to consider at any particular point of interest.

Enigma also comprises BeyondEyes – a Negative Behavioural Detection platform with capabilities across various industries such as credit and finance, customs and immigration, enforcement and interrogation, human resource management, and more, increasing the efficiency and eliminating any possibilities for error.

Customs, Enforcement, HR, Interrogations etc., BeyondEyes represents a technological leap in the field of psychophysiological behaviour assessment. Capable of analysing in excess of 200 changing biological parameters in a millisecond, BeyondEyes, utilises data-rich Artificial Intelligence based technologies, superseding traditional methods of measuring negative behaviour detection including tone of voice, heartbeat and breathing patterns.

“One cannot predict certain futuristic behavioural patterns just by using existing data sitting in the data lakes. That is exactly where our product, BeyondEyes embedded with rich machine learning capabilities comes into the picture. BeyondEyes relies on physical layers as well as the human sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous systems. These systems function on a largely unconscious level, giving off uncontrolled signs that can only be detected by Enigma – BeyondEyes.”

What makes Lorgan unique is the ability to process data at unprecedented speeds; while others may take months, or even years to implement data lakes, the company can nail it in just a few weeks. Its serverless cloud architecture enables clients to achieve a reduction of almost 50 percent in the overall costs and reduces time to market by almost 70%-80%.

Speak to us for more details ….


Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities such as:

Organisation, Technology, Transformations, Analytics & Information Management, Data Science & Machine Learning, Digital, Robotics & Process Automation, Cloud Security & Compliance, Customer Value & Base Management (in Marketing) across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional and technical expertise combined with Organisational growth focus.

Whether the issues are large or small, Lorgan can assist in specific areas you may have concerns with.

If your needs are short term, we can focus on how “quick fixes” can be achieved. Alternatively, the requirement maybe for overall transformation to ensure your whole system is meeting, or exceeding, industry standards. Lorgan’s specialists will use their extensive knowledge to help you identify and implement cost effective solutions in relatively short time frames.







We build skills and prefer partnerships that prioritise our customers’ outcomes

Lorgan partners with business and technology vendors who can deliver high value solutions that help our customers address their specific business problems with the help of technology.

As a trusted advisor, Lorgan’s recommendations are based entirely on fitment to our client’s business and technology goals and objectives, not fees.

We partner with organisations that share our philosophy of delivering great customer value and innovative technology solutions that directly address business challenges.

Our skills and partner network, below, include but not limited to:


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6/197 – 205 Church Street


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