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John Raciti FRSA .’. UX UI IxD Designer UTS. Building mobile friendly websites & web portal bootstrap apps for Fortune 500 & ASX listed firms

colleague • business-partner • fellow student/advisor • service-provider

I have worked with John many years.. and he is such a damn talent. Loyal, dedicated and down right a joy to work with

Andrew Constantine colleague

John worked for ComOps for a few months designing the web UI & UX front-end Interfaces for our e-Tivity software. John has strong creative flair and he proved competent across Bootstrap, MS Visual Studio, HTML5, JavaScript, Angular JS, & CSS. He reported to our Software Architect working with the Product Manager and a BA specifications & back-end Developer. I would recommend him for similar work.

Gerry Williams colleague

John is one of the smartest guys I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is extremely adaptable and brilliant. He is meticulous,creative, extremely friendly and professional – One of a few individuals that I can truly call onto for assistance and would like to call him a friend for life. Thank you John for your support and guidance.

Simon Fawaz business-partner

John’s capacity includes an ability to identify with the values, mission and vision executing the goals concept to output. His integrity appreciating the development on functionality his creativity truly out-of-the-box…

Caroline Clarke Dip CoM service-provider

John leads group of online designers/typesetters that produces a high quality and high work turn around in Yellow Pages online. Throughout my working life in the same office as John has kept his team up-to-date with progress and kept the project to timelines. John can liaise very well with clients and also his team to ensure the desired result is achieved. I would have no hesitation to work with John and would recommend him to others.

Raljk Caballero colleague

John has is a great professional with a great range of experience. He is very friendly and an easy person to talk with. His experience will add quality to the company he work with. He is a great asset to the business.

Erwin Winata colleague

If you are looking for a creative individual with a passion for excellence, then look no further than John. It was a great experience working with John, and watching how he converted his passion into measurable results. I wish John every success, and would gladly work with him again.

David Golding colleague

John worked for Wizard Home Loans as a contractor in 2007and he delivered very good quality Web Design/Graphics design work. I would recommend him highly in this role.

Bryn Nicholson service-provider

It is a rare occasion to find a business professional who possesses the combination of talents and gifts of Ambassador John Raciti. Ambassador Raciti is a dedicated graphic designer who will bring a new level of creativity to your project. In addition to his proficiency as a designer and art professional, Ambassador Raciti has the unique ability to communicate with all people globally. His service is superior and he is dedicated to your organizations projects. I am happy to bear witness to his unparalleled skills and worldwide renown. Bravo Ambassador!

private private business-partner

John was my art teacher when I entered design school. He is such a creative mind with an exceptional knowledge of the industry, constantly inspiring and encouraging me to continually fueling my passion for creativity with the same determination he has. I have learnt some lessons from John that I will carry with me through the creative field for many years, holding much respect for him as a teacher, designer, and source of guidance, knowing that he will always offer amazing advice and support for me or any other artist to excel in the arts.

Simone Colosi colleague

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