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The International Organization for Educational Development – IOED

The International Organization for Educational Development – IOED established under a charter and constitutional protocol having Principal Headquarter in the capital city of India, Delhi. It is a Development International Institution (DII) connected with many International Organizations and the Sovereign States by the Agreements which sought to establish a specialized International & Intergovernmental fully Accredited Permanent Diplomatic Mission/organization in various countries. 
The International Police Commission – IPC India is a well structured Sector specific paramilitary group to train the Trainers of Military, Paramilitary, Police and other forces to fight with arms and/or unarms against high level Corruption, Terrorism, Drugs and Criminal Syndicates. Various inter-governmental bodies like the International Police Commission – IPC bring together practitioners, policy makers and other experts from all over the world on the issues of drugs and crime and thus offer Member States a platform for exchanging expertise, experience and information in these areas. As such, the inter-governmental bodies play a key role in fostering international cooperation and take concrete action through resolutions and decisions. UNODC acts as the Secretariat to these bodies and provides them with substantive and technical support. The UNODC and UNESCO are strengthening the Rule of Law through Education. 
The team of the International Organization for Educational Development and the International Police Commission feels pleasure to invite all the Head of the Governments, Politicians, Ministers, Diplomats, Secretaries, Jurists, Advocates, Academicians, Public Sector Undertakings, Corporators, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Army, Paramilitary, Police Officers, Media, Human Rights Activists, Environment Activists and other professionals who stand for peace, justice, liberty and democracy, etc. to attend the IOED’s Annual Award Function-cum-International Conference 2019 on Educational Reforms and good governance globally to make Skilled, Empowered, Prosperous, Environment-friendly and Crime-free States that is possible through Police and Citizens together with the cumulative efforts of all concerned as high level Corruption is the root cause of the Terrorism, Drugs and Organized Crime. 
India’s economy is growing and evolving as the World’s fastest economy which is indeed a fortunate sign for our business world of every domain. Education sector is the core among all as it provides talented future executives and CEOs to our Corporate World and we feel proud in most of the developed countries, the heads of the companies are Indians. 
It is the responsibility of all of us to help our hardworking government to track the solutions in the possible domains. Keeping in mind, the team of the IOED has scheduled this conference to discuss and reach to a conclusion where the synergies of our Corporates and the IOED could match.


The conference’s goal is to bring together a multidisciplinary group of people from all over the world to present and exchange breakthrough ideas on the issues of educational reforms and good governance. It promotes top level research and to globalize the quality research in general, thus making discussions, presentations more internationally competitive and focusing attention on the recent outstanding achievements in the field of education and governance. Agreements / MoUs will also be signed with the interested sovereign nations and institutions in the presence of the dignitaries. Innovative ideas from the participants are invited to be submitted and presented in the upcoming conference.


1. Knowledge does equal power. Knowledge is only powerful or valuable when it is continually refreshed or used. Knowledge sitting idle is worthless. What we need to know changing so quickly that what is valuable today may be worthless tomorrow. It’s important that people understand how knowledge sharing can benefit them personally. 2. Good reward and recognition systems recognize that different people are motivated by different things and they take advantage of that fact.


1. How the Nominee made a significant contribution to the society in his/her field?

2. How the Nominee demonstrated outstanding commitment and professionalism?

3. How the Nominee is considered by colleagues to be an excellent role model in his/her field?

4. How the Nominee demonstrated outstanding innovation?.

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