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Lorgan: The Power of Innovation in AI-Driven Analytics

Allow me to introduce myself and Lorgan. I am John Raciti, the Business Development Manager of Lorgan Pty Ltd (

At our core, Lorgan is an enthusiastic Artificial Intelligence and Digital (Sydney-based) organisation – yet we are markedly different from any analytics, digital or AI company you’ve encountered previously.

We believe in pursuing and delivering innovation without compromising the customer experience. In a practical sense, we aim to assist those at the organisation’s Chief and Executive officer level, enabling and empowering them to achieve:

* Net Incremental Revenues up to 15%

* Customer Churn Reduction by 10%

* Predictive Maintenance failures reduction by 50%

* Productivity Improvement by 30%

* Prevent potential failures caused by anomalies by 30%

* Optimise Energy costs by 20%

A lot of these use cases fit perfectly to Manufacturing industry by enabling them with Internet of Things (IoT) based monitoring to achieve above objectives.

In addition to the above, Lorgan also got another exciting product named BeyondEyes – a Negative Behavioural Detection platform with capabilities across the Enforcement, Customs, Recruitment, Financial Services, Insurance, and Travel industries.

BeyondEyes represents a technological leap in the field of psychophysiological behavior assessment. Capable of analysing in excess of 200 changing parameters in a millisecond, BeyondEyes, utilises data-rich Artificial Intelligence based technologies, superseding traditional methods of measuring negative behavior detection including tone of voice, heartbeat and breathing patterns.

Contact John Raciti – Business Development Manager @ Lorgan Innovation in AIDriven Analytics CIO Advisor’s Top 10 Data Analytics Companies –

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