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Systems Manager – Recommendation

John Raciti worked for us at IT Global as part of our software development team in the role of UX Designer.

In that time John was instrumental in developing the overall graphical design concepts and themes for our Inclood (web application) and Inclood Me (mobile application) products. This process involved creating multiple iterations of design concepts and application screenshots, as well as reviewing the styling consistency during the iterative product update cycle.

John oversaw the review, development and selection of application icons as well as updating and managing the application css files. Over the time he was with us, John also assisted in many marketing-related tasks tat involved image production or manipulation.

John also supervised the development of animated product marketing videos by an overseas resource.

John was always an energetic and enthusiastic member of the team and always looked for opportunities to promote the product ad IT Global.

Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any further questions.


Andrew Kitchen
Systems Manager
IT Global Pty Ltd

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