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Dr. JOHN RACITI Director – Business Development Lorgan

Dr. JOHN RACITI Director – Business Development Lorgan

I would like to congratulate Dr. John Raciti for stepping into the role of Director – Business Development with Lorgan. John is well-known in the market with over 20 years of demonstrated experience of working in the software industry. He is highly skilled in Strategic Partnerships and Relationship Management. He has worked on multiple Fortune 500 companies in the market such as RBA, PWC, IBM, Various Departments of Australian Govt., SAI Global, Sensis, UTS, CQU, GE Money, FPA, Rubik Financial Limited, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited, Audi, Westpac, Subaru, General Motors, TDK, JVC & Orica.

John strongly believes in technology innovation especially around next-generation scientific technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain and Cyber Security.

In this role, he will work very closely with the CEO and other executive management teams to take the Enigma AI & IoT platform and its associated services of Lorgan to the market.

In John’s own words,

“ It’s a great journey with Lorgan since I joined, especially the value that Lorgan offers to the market is second to none. I have had multiple interactions with potential customers, and wherever I go, all that I hear from these clients about Enigma is, this is an absolutely outstanding platform and we strongly believe Lorgan has a great potential to become another game-changer in the market with its cutting edge technology platform that combines AI & IoT and capable serve to any industry’s problem.”

It makes me feel proud to associate with such a wonderful company with a strong vision and delivery capabilities. Big thanks to Sri for giving me an opportunity to play a key role with Lorgan.

Lorgan’s platform is amazing, especially the implementation of its platform Enigma to use cases such as.

  • Predictive Maintenance failures reduction by 50% using our IoT Behavioural Lake
  • Prevent potential failures caused by anomalies by 30% using our IoT Behavioural Lake
  • Optimise Energy costs by 20% using our IoT Behavioural Lake
  • Net Incremental Revenues up to 15% using our Marketing Behavioural Lake
  • Customer Churn Reduction by 10% using our Marketing Behavioural Lake
  • Reduce millions of dollars in Vegetation and Plantation management of Energy & Utilities companies using Lorgan’s Behavioural Lake to process massive point clouds

 I strongly believe, Lorgan is going to be a revolution in the industry with this game changing technology platform named Enigma, and its services addressing the core business problems of today’s organisations. I look forward to working with @sri @evan @sadiq @kiran and the rest of the Lorgan team to help our clients achieve their objectives”

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