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Northern France… Normandy

Northern France… Normandy

Allegedly the Elliot Clan is connected with King Robert Bruce, as is the Keith family tree which I am connected to with three grandparents thanks to the DNA bottleneck in the New England colonies to a James Keith, whose father Robert Keith was from Aberdeen, Scotland (born in 1612).

The other Eliots/Elliots/Elliotts are believed to be from Northern France

My own Elliot family specifically seems to have migrated in 1852, from Southdean, Roxburghshire to Otsego County, NY USA where there was a thriving sheep/woolen textile industry on it’s last gasp just before the American civil war.

We do seem to be distantly related by DNA to Scots-Irish Elliotts who migrated through Northern Ireland 1600s to the American colonies before the American Revolution.

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