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SmartXchange announces partnership with Lorgan

SmartXchange announces partnership with Lorgan

22nd Nov 2019
London & Sydney

SmartXchange (Australia & Europe) and Australia’s flagship AI & Deep
Learning organisation, Lorgan (, are pleased to
announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership to deliver
transformational artificial intelligence initiatives across vertical markets,
co-ordinated software services and engineering services.

“The APAC region has always been our top priority markets, partnering
with Lorgan to implement AI transformation, will allow us to deliver the
best business results for our customers in times to come, we look forward
to maximising the predictability of the outcomes our customers are
targeting to achieve ”, said Renato Avanzini, SmartXchange Australia’s
Business director.

“Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of
Artificial Intelligence and place our clients on the best path for success
by implementing our Enigma – Behavioural Lake platform ”, said John
Raciti, Lorgan’s Business Development Director.

Both companies will work together on multiple initiatives across London,
Milan, Pretoria, and Sydney covering the geographies of Europe,
Australia & Africa.

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