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SmartXchange announces a partnership with Lorgan Global

  • Published on November 25, 2019

Renato AvanziniManaging Director at SmartXchange Australia and Advisor at SmartXchange Limited UK2 articles Following

22nd Nov 2019, Sydney

SmartXchange and Australia’s flagship AI & Deep Learning organisation, Lorgan (, are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership to deliver transformational artificial intelligence initiatives across vertical markets, co-ordinated software services, and engineering services.

“The APAC region has always been our top priority markets. Partnering with Lorgan to implement AI transformations will allow us to deliver the best business results for our customers in times to come. We look forward to maximising the predictability of outcomes our customers are targeting to achieve”,

said Renato Avanzini, SmartXchange Australia’s Executive director.

“Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of Artificial Intelligence, and place our clients on the best path for success by implementing our Enigma – Behavioural Lake platform”,

said John Raciti, Lorgan’s Business Development Director.

Both companies will work together on multiple initiatives across London, Milan, Pretoria, and Sydney, covering all.


Field of interest is Television, a global penetration including Australia, Multi-choice in Africa

News Corporation globally and in particular French television in FRANCE and in Africa (Canal+ top management). New Africa wide French channel being launched, based in Mauritius.

Built the first Big Data implementation for News Corp


Access to most hospitals in Sub-Sahara Africa, both public (very poor) and private (very rich).  This is a growing field of interest and sphere of investor reach.


Access to an ever growing vertical integration from field-to-fork, with massive amounts of money, and dire need to close the loop between end consumer and producer (farmer) seeking constant behaviour patterns in customer choice in massive supermarkets (checkers, pick n Pay, Woolworths – direct access to CIO) and wholesale stores (Wallmart in Africa) and the smaller but rich supermarkets such as SPAR and Tjoppies across Southern Africa.  I have limited direct access to Esselunga ^ Carrefour in Italy but can get to them if I have something serious to offer.


Access to all the major mining houses in Africa, Canada and Australia (because of Aurecon Chairman personal connection)


Access to this market is still small, but growing fast, in particular to local governments ownerships such as PETROSA, SASOL and operations in Mozambiue, Angola, Ghana, some access to ENI Italy.  We are now growing FAST in South America, particular Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Honduras (I already have very high-level and financially strong representation in Honduras). 

In Africa Logan apps could be of particular interest, as we are working with some upstrem, midstresm and downstream companies. E..g., we can see how much oil is pumped from the well (drill), how it is transformed into fuel (refinery) and where it is stored (storage & transport ship & pipeline), and as we have access to gas (petrol) station pump manufacturers, can see how much is gas (pertoleum) is put into cars at what hour and at what price for some brand most certainly not all brands (other brands big in Africa is SHELL, BP, TOTAL, PETRONAS, CHEVRON), an ideal app for big data etc.   The same applies to some LPG streams.


Access globally to Vodacom HQ, MTN HQ and Board, Telefonica, Teleom Italia Mobile (strategy & technology procurement),


The banking field in South Africa is limited to Barclays Bank Africa (IT management), Standard Bank Africa (CEO), NetBank Africa (Internal Audit and Security) and then in Italy MEDIOLANUM (HR), Duetche Bank (digital development), Banca Populare die Milan (IT) and some other smaller regional banks, mostly IT contacts.

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