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Persuasion & Influence Mastery Workshop

THANK YOU for making our Persuasion & Influence Mastery Workshop just wonderful 😘🤩😍

Trent MorrisShannon Page & Kursley, Celeste AnsellJohn Giovanni Raciti PhD FRSA ⟁∴⟁Matt KoopmansLorraine M.Wayne Donnelly “Thought Leadership”Loan PhanLuiza C.Vijay BalasubramaniamDiane Klem-Goode and friends you so rock!

💡 What are your winning thoughts? Love to know

Also too, I’d love to help you grow your quality Network with hundreds of new people and bring us all together in 3 steps 😘😘😘💙💙💙😻😻😻

1. Please like this post (I love shares too)

2. If you want new friends and followers leave a nice comment saying that you’d love to connect (the first 50 comments get seen the most)

3. Follow and make friends with whoever leaves a comment. Make sure you have permission first before you add anyone as a connection (follow LinkedIn rules to help you build a quality network)

You only need that one amazing friend to change your life and more 🏃‍♀️

Thank you to Shaneé Moret for your inspiration on this fantastic networking mechanic (follow her!)

Love you to follow me Edward Zia

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