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Becoming the CEO

Becoming the CEO of XXXX

What appeals to me about the role of CEO is setting the strategy, future direction and responsibilities for the representative body for Risk Management Professionals of XXXX. Understanding, Creating and implementing the vision, mission, and overall direction of the business of continuing to facilitate the linkages between Members and offers continuing professional development opportunities, and directing and evaluating the work of other executives. Also to hold in great regard the extensive growing network of state & territory Chapters and Special Interest Groups across Australia and in more than 18 countries throughout the world in the Asia Pacific region.

Primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of XXXX, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors (the board), its shareholders (risk management professions in government, industry and the community, events, conferences, education and accreditation for members and enhancing the body of knowledge for risk practitioners.) and corporate operations and being the public face of the company. Representing the various industries: Banking, Finance and Insurance, Engineering and Construction, Government, Information, Technology and Telecommunications, Management Consulting, Education and Training, Mining and Resources, Not for Profit, Security and Cyber Risk, Utilities and Services.

Responsibility for formulating the strategic plan, representing the organisation in business and the media, and motivating the company in the same direction.

What is the unique value add that you feel you can bring to this role and the XXXX.

Understanding XXXX perspective of the business of Risk Management as the systematic approach to protecting the things that we care about and maximising our chances of success in all fields of endeavour.

The role calls for confidence, leadership and strong communication skills while being able to motivate and inspire a broad range of employees. It is a position that needs a willingness to adopt fresh ideas, embrace new technologies and responsibly explore opportunities to achieve sustainable company growth to the XXXX.

With the advancement of automation, digital transformations, regulatory frameworks, and globalisation, I can lead not only to meet business goals, but also successfully take advantage of these changes, whilst also possessing the strong financial acumen in order to keep XXXX organisation afloat during continuously fluctuating economic conditions.

As CEO I can bring to the table the need to be a clear communicator who has the capability of both giving direction and accepting expert opinion. Energetic, calm under pressure and be objective, while having the creative ideas needed to give the business an advantage over its competitors in the market.

Driven with a strong educational background, with wide and varied experience in business, plus a proven track record of success in linkages between Members and offers continuing professional development opportunities via our annual National Conference, Risk Odyssey Conferences, Best Practice Guides, Special Interest Groups, Chapter networking events and Education programs.

Salary expectations for this role

I am seeking a position that pays between $XXX,000 and $XXX,000 annually but I am open to negotiate salary depending on benefits, bonuses, equity, stock options and other opportunities.

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