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JP2072 – Battlespace Communications Systems.

John Raciti was the RADF original radio comms designer the units JP2072 suite of equipment. Battlespace Communications Systems. The Battlefield Telecommunications Network Fleet is a satellite and trunking system that provides a voice and data capability to a deployed Brigade.

Project JP 2072 Currawong – Wagtail (VHF), Raven (VHF/HF) and Pintail (V/UHF) Currawong Battlespace Communications Systems (Land)

Department of Defence 

Phase 2A of Project JP 2072 is replacing the ageing fleet of Wagtail (VHF), Raven (VHF/HF) and Pintail (V/UHF) hand-held / man portable tactical radios and the AN/PSC-5 / 5D SATCOM.

Currawong, JP2072 PH2A Battlespace Communications Systems (Land)
The project has delivered approximately 11,000 Combat Radios and ancillary equipment to replace the Wagtail, Pintail and Raven fleets for the majority of the Land Force. Phase 2A has also established the mature support system for the new generation Combat and Tactical Data Radios.
Australian National Audit Office (ANAO)

Defense & Space

JP2072: Battlespace Communications System (Land) –
Defence Research and Innovation
Engineering South, North Terrace

Brabrook said the joint solution for the JP 9101 requirement will leverage BDA’s agile development methodology, which has proven successful thus far on its work on Project Currawong (JP2072 Phase 2B) and will include 90 per cent Australian content, including the combined scope of BDA and BAE Systems Australia, but also 28 Australian SMEs.

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