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We had the best WINNING Networking Evening tonight!

We had the best WINNING Networking Evening tonight! Please say hello and bless your hearts friends xxx Melissa (Author) J.Lassie Zia 👑🦁🇦🇺Angie MardonAnnie PatemanZoe-Anna Bell ⚡️Self~Mastery ⚡️Tim BeanlandAdrian LeaCeleste AnsellCarlo GuzziJose Alvarez-PerezJulia Valentina OjedaJennifer LithgowScott FasuyiTerilee HarrisonJohn Giovanni Raciti-Azzolina PhD FRSA UX Service DesignerCameron CortazzoMaria GermanRachael ChivertonVan Cuong LoCatherine-Lucie HorberJerome Calvar – PostCovid Agent of ChangeEli HuangEleen YawGerry Burger and friends! Friends! Let’s NETWORK and win so much more 😘😘😘 I’D LOVE ❤ to help you get hundreds of new FOLLOWERS & FRIENDS in 3 steps 😘💙😻 1. Please like this post (I love shares too) 2. Leave a nice comment saying that you’d love new followers & friends (the first few hundreds of comments get seen the most) 3. Follow and make friends with whoever leaves a comment. Make sure you have permission first before you add anyone as a connection (follow LinkedIn rules to build a quality network) You only need 1 AWESOME NEW friend to transform your life 🏃‍♀️ hashtag#linkedinhashtag#edwardziahashtag#networkinghashtag#microsofthashtag#marketing

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