Robot Limited

Scotland-Wales 25 Marker – R-M269 R1b1a1a2

R-Y70000, Y70000, R-L193, L193, FT194564, R-L513, L513, R-L21, L21, R-BY14138, R-BY11214, BY11214, R-FGC13742, FGC13742, R-Z253, Z253, R-S5982, S5982, R-ZZ5_1, ZZ5_1, BY14138, R-BY23934, BY23934, M269, R-BY4221, BY4221, R-BY24233, BY24233, R-FT6052, FT6052.

25 Marker

CountryMatch TotalCountry TotalPercentageComments
England1037823< 0.1 %
France15394< 0.1 %
Germany117745< 0.1 %
Ireland825547< 0.1 %
United Kingdom411423< 0.1 %
United States518794< 0.1 %

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