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Bubo, in Greek Mythology, was a robotic replica of Athena’s beloved magical Masonic owl of the same name. Bubo was forged by Hephaestus and sent by Athena to aid Perseus in his quest to save the princess Andromeda, where Bubo helps him overcome numerous enemies.

Ancient Greek Coin SILVER Tetradrachm Attica Athens Owl C.430-420 ...
Bubo | Greek Mythology Wiki | Fandom

These powerful robots are just as fast as a real Bull, and quite a bit meaner. They can breathe fire, their bronze hide is burning hot to the touch, and their horns are topped with buzzsaws. There are at least two Colchis Bulls Khalkotauroi known to exist, hopefully more will be on the market soon

Colchis Bulls - Hephaestus Cabin | Taurus art, Bull tattoos, Bull art
Colchis Bull from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters - YouTube
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khalkotauroi on the Rampage
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