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From Wagtail, Raven, Pintail to Project Currawong Battlespace Communications System… Boeing Defence Australia’s Project Currawong

From Wagtail, Raven, Pintail to Project Currawong Battlespace Communications System… Boeing Defence Australia’s Project Currawong

Australian Army signallers, Lance Corporal Josh Koitka (left) and Signaller Tim Price examine new communications equipment demonstrated at VIP day at Damascus Barracks in Brisbane. The new equipment to be acquired for the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force. *** Local Caption *** Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel and interested media were shown some of the ADF’s incoming communications equipment during a VIP day at Damascus Barracks in Brisbane on May 25. The equipment features new communications bearer equipment and new to improve Australia’s Battlefield Telecommunication Network. Acquired under LAND 2072 Phase 2B, the project features commercial and military-off-the-shelf components including new satellite communications terminals and line of sight transmitters. The system will provide secure wideband voice, data video services over wireless and wired infrastructure between land-based deployed forces and their headquarters.

Royal Australian Corps of Signals

The Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RASigs) is one of the ‘arms’ (combat support corps) of the Australian Army. It is responsible for installing, maintaining, and operating all types of telecommunications equipment and information systems. The motto of the Signals Corps is Certa Cito and is translated as ‘Swift and Sure’, signifying the aim of the signal service – that communication be carried out with maximum speed and certainty. Like their British counterparts, the Royal Australian Corps of Signals’ flag and hat badge feature Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, affectionately referred to by members of the corps as “Jimmy” (the origin dates back to the merge with Engineers when the Engineer’s band’s Drum Major had a “Jimmy” on his staff).

Australia Builds Future Tactical Network

General Dynamics Canada, the company that developed the Canadian IRIS program on which the United Kingdom’s Bowman solution is based, has teamed with leading Australian defense companies ADI Limited and Tenix Defence. BAE Systems Australia is the incumbent on the existing projects Raven, Wagtail and Parakeet communications systems and is pitching itself as a PSI without a commitment to specific equipment vendors. IBM also has submitted a solution for the bid. A number of international equipment manufacturers, including Harris, ITT, Thales, Tadiran Communications and Rohde and Schwarz, have been briefed on the program.

Initial capability will consist of three core capabilities: a tactical combat network radio system, which today comprises the Wagtail, Raven and MBITR; a tactical trunk system initially based on the incumbent Parakeet solution; and a local area subsystem covering headquarters operations in fixed or on-the-pause rather than on-the-move operation. The subsystem will provide network access to key battlefield applications, including the army’s Battlefield Command Support System, Air Command Support System, the Standard Defence Supply System and Project Ninox assets, which cover manned and unmanned night vision sensor and systems and ground-based surveillance capabilities.

Phase 2A of Project JP 2072 is replacing the ageing fleet of Wagtail (VHF), Raven (VHF/HF) and Pintail (V/UHF) hand-held / man portable tactical radios and the AN/PSC-5 / 5D SATCOM.

The ADF’s Project LAND 2072 Phase 2B Currawong Battlespace Communications System achieved Initial Operating Capability (IOC).

Boeing Defence Australia’s Project Currawong is delivering a next generation battlespace communication system to the ADF. It is designed and developed in Australia by Australians and provides fast, reliable and secure wideband voice, data and video services over wireless and wired infrastructure between headquarters and land-based Australian Defence Forces deployed around the world.

Active 1901 – present
Country Australia
Allegiance Australian Army
Branch Australian Regular Army
Type Field Army
Role Military communications
Size 6 Regular Regiments
Motto(s) Latin: Certa Cito
Swift and Sure
Colors Light blue, over dark blue, over green.
Engagements RASigs are not awarded Battle Honours. However, they were awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation FCU Cambodia.
Colonel-in-Chief The Princess Royal
Tactical Recognition Flash

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