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6 Year Old Assaulted: Gardeners Road Public School Primary – Special Needs Support Unit – Mrs Debbie Deborah Hume a public primary school teacher assaulted manhandled twisted my 6 year old autistic child’s head

Back in Dec 2016 I saw Mrs Deborah Hume a primary school teacher manhandled my 6 year old autistic child (at the time). Case is open against Mrs Debbie Deborah Hume at Gardeners Road Public School Primary School – Special Needs Support Unit. Happy to stand in court and answer questions.

Debbie Hume

Nel dicembre 2016 ho visto la signora Deborah Hume, un’insegnante di scuola elementare, che maltrattava il mia bambina autistico di 6 anni (all’epoca). Il caso è aperto contro la signora Debbie Deborah Hume alla Gardeners Rd Primary School – Special Needs Support Unit. Felice di stare in tribunale e rispondere alle domande.

An assault is the act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person or, in some specific legal definitions, a threat or attempt to commit such an action. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in criminal prosecution, civil liability, or both.

Un aggressione è l’atto di infliggere un danno fisico o un contatto fisico indesiderato a una persona o, in alcune specifiche definizioni legali, una minaccia o un tentativo di commettere tale azione. È sia un crimine che un illecito e, pertanto, può portare a procedimenti penali, responsabilità civile o entrambi.

Teacher Aide assaulted inflicting physical harm and unwanted physical contact upon my Autistic Child. Charges will be layed.
Gardeners Road Public School - Home
Gardeners Road Public School - Home
East Tamar Primary School. by East Tamar Primary School
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To twist my daughter’s head was criminal. To lay hands on her – back in Sicily would not happen. Royal Commission is involved and Heffron. Stephanie is Autistic, Australian and Italian EU Citizen. Debbie Hume had no right to twist her head. Since then Stephanie has had more brain seizures. Twisting her head against her will. Disgraceful.

Dear Mr Accaria,
Thank you for your time yesterday. We agreed that on December 2016 – there was use of excessive force on my disabled children of 6 years old. Twisting her head and spinal cord against her will. 
We noticed Stephanie was getting brain seizures after in August of 2017 and even since the event with in a 6 month period. 
The school knew of Stephanie’s situation. Not apology was not given. 
All I know is that her quality of life has changed in the last 3 years after getting her head and spinal cord twisted at school by a past employee of the NSW Government department. And that FACS never wanted to touch this case of abuse made within a NSW Government Department. A physical abuse made at the school on public state ground. 
No sorry, no compassion about the excessive force used against a disabled child of 6. 
Best regards, Giovanni Raciti

Principal — Mr Greg Bass
Assistant Principal — Mrs Wendy Fox
Teacher – Caroline Cass

Gardeners Road Public School 

Principal — Mr Greg Bass
Assistant Principal — Mrs Wendy Fox
Teacher – Caroline Cass

Nic Accaria – Director Educational Leadership – NSW Department of Education

The Hon. Sarah MITCHELL, MLC – Parliament of NSW

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