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Saving Lives

Hi Renee, hope you are well. You sent 2 days ago I told Jane about saving you and the OLA bus group back in 1987 You sent 2 days ago Sandringham Bus Company You sent 2 days ago She doesn’t believe me Renée

Renée sent 2 days ago

Yes it true Jane I still have nightmares of it today he save me and my little brother and my two cousin Jo and Leigh Curruthers Renée

Renée sent 2 days ago

The backdoor of the bus smashed open the driver swaying all over the road John grab hold of me and my little brother he was quick thinking remember it well the driver as on drugs I remember screaming running to my classroom Mrs Thomas was horrified she didn’t believe either till she we outside to see for herself parents came to collect us police news media ambos fire trucks the works I remember also channel nine wanted to interview me and John I didn’t speak to them Jane

Jane sent 2 days ago

Ok ok, I’m sorry I didn’t believe,what a horrible thing to go through.😔Renée

Renée sent 2 days ago

Yes was horrific one childhood memory I will never forget and sad it wasn’t for John I wouldn’t be here

Peter Farr I remember when that happened. What a situation to be in as a little kid

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Samuel Hyland

Samuel Hyland

Samuel Hyland You’re friends on Facebook Studied at St Bede’s College Lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Mon 18:12

You senta day ago

You senta day ago Hey Sam, hope you are well mate


Samuel sent16 hours ago

Hi John, Yes I remember it also, we got out on Latrobe st, very lucky & a crazy morning!

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