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“Good Design Is Good Business” – Thomas J Watson Jr

Your global business design partner

We work at the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology to help our clients digitally reinvent their businesses. Partner with us to define your strategy, create exceptional experiences and build your business, by design.

Our Design Partnership is an end-to-end innovation partner focused on helping clients grow. Some of the world’s largest companies trust our design and develop their most important innovations. Located in Sydney specialises in the consumer, healthcare and industrial markets. Its multidisciplinary teams have the expert knowledge to identify opportunities and overcome challenges throughout the product development and manufacturing process.

We are a leading product and technology innovation partner focused on helping our customers realise new opportunities. Specialising in the healthcare, consumer, and industrial equipment sectors, our solutions start at the point a business decides upon the need for innovation and finish with the launch of a breakthrough new product that is customer focused and commercially effective.

Why a strategic partnership?

A strategic partnership is a mutually beneficial arrangement between two separate companies that do not directly compete with one another.

Companies have long been engaging in strategic partnerships to enhance their offers and offset costs. The general idea is that two are better than one, and by combining resources, partner companies add advantages for both companies through the alliance.

1. Strategic marketing partnerships

This type of strategic partnership agreement is most beneficial to small businesses with a limited selection of products and services to offer customers.

Maybe you have a company that provides one service, say logo design. You might do well to partner with a web developer that will always refer you when graphics are necessary, and vice versa.

Referral agreements are probably the most basic and informal type of strategic alliance, but strategic marketing partnerships can be considerably more complex.

2. Strategic supply chain partnerships

A popular (and extremely valuable) type of alliance is the strategic supply chain partnership. One of the most obvious places that you can see strategic supply chain partnerships in action is the film industry. If you’ve ever noticed the opening credits of most movies list various oddly named companies before the film starts, it’s because movies are typically made in a supply chain method. A comparatively small production house will handle the filming and post-production, and a larger studio will handle financing, marketing, and distributing the film. 

3. Strategic integration partnerships

Strategic integration partnerships are extremely common in the digital age since it’s always great to have different applications work together or at least communicate with one another.

And, both sides get to offer a more streamlined service to our customers. Strategic integration partnerships can encompass agreements between hardware and software manufacturers or agreements between two software developers who partner to have their respective technologies work together in an integral (and not always exclusive) way.

4. Strategic technology partnerships

Another type of alliance is a strategic technology partnership. This type of strategic partnership involves working with IT companies to keep your business afloat. This can be a partnership between your web design firm and a specific computer repair service that you always call in exchange for a discounted rate on services. It could also include partnering with a cloud-based storage platform to handle all of your file storage needs.

Basically, any kind of technological expertise that is necessary for your business that you cannot provide in-house can be relegated to a strategic technology partnership. Choosing a technology partner has to be based on an assessment of your needs and the identification of a positive benefit from entering into the agreement.

5. Strategic financial partnerships

Many modern companies wholly outsource their accounting to strategic partners. Strategic financial partnerships are helpful because when you use a dedicated company for accounting, for example, they can monitor your revenue with greater focus than you can do in-house. Because finances are critically important to any business, strategic financial partnerships are among the most important relationships you can foster.

Dedicated finance professionals offer rock-solid expertise in managing cash flow and can report your current revenue position readily and objectively. And that can be of paramount importance to your business.

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