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STOP! Australian Schools: Locking Children With Autism In ‘Sensory Rooms’ As Human Cages!!


NSW Govt: Both the school and the NSW Department of Education should be ashamed. To even happen in 2020 Covid19 Year – is Mind-Boggling!  

Disability Rights Australia: This should be Australia wide….

Autism Awareness Australia: Speaking with ABC News today about yet another appalling incident in a NSW school involving autistic students. Both the school and the NSW Department of Education should be ashamed.

Department of Education, NSW Australia: Remove all ‘Withdrawal’ ‘Isolation’ ‘Sensory’ Rooms within NSW & All Australian Schools. 

Primary school children living with Autism are not dangerous, teachers in NSW are not given adequate training to help a child on the spectrum when they are starting to get upset and/or have a meltdown. To lock a child in isolation is only going to add to their stress. As parents we have learned to see the signs of a meltdown and have strategies in place to help our children, we would never lock our children in a room and expect them to calm themselves down.  The use of isolation sensory rooms is relatively new in NSW Australia but it has been common practice for many years in the United States. It is only after years of abuse and many children dying that the laws are now being changed in America and many states have banned the use of these rooms. Teachers need to be given specialised training every year so that they are given the tools they need to teach these wonderful children. Do we have to wait for a child to die in isolation in a sensory room before the NSW Department of Education changes it’s policies?

  • Public Government Staff were locking students in a room for extended periods of time; inadequate supervision of the student; and inadequate prior assessment of risk or the needs of the student.
  • Students were not appropriately supervised when locked alone in the room.
  • Public Government Teachers at a primary school had restrained a student with autism and locked the child in a time-out room for an extended duration.
  • Public Government Staff locking students in a room, for extended periods of time.
    Staff at a primary school had locked a student with disability in a time-out room for many hours.
  • Did not appear to be notified to parents or the school community.

Murat Dizdar – Department of Education: Families would like the department to formally apologised to the Concepsions. The behaviour and conduct of staff was not appropriate. 

Penshurst West is a school “Where Children Love to Learn”… Not for Autistic Special Needs Children… 

STOP! Australian Schools Department of Education: Locking Children With Autism In ‘Sensory Rooms’ As Human Cages! – NSW Department of Education & Australian Schools Department of Education. 

ABC Health: Katerina Ferekos raised concerns her son Yianni was locked in a room at Penshurst West Public School. (ABC News: Josh Bavas). The Education Department is investigating Penshurst West Public School.

ABC News – Exposing a Autism Support Unit at a NSW public school. Locked away in a small room as a form of punishment.

Parliamentary Acknowledgement: Prime Minister Scott Morrison & Federal Minister of Education the Hon. Dan Tehan MP. NSW Education Department – The State Apologied (Admission of Guilt) for the experience who violated my Autistic Child who had her head twisted by Staff Violating Stephanie’s UNCRC Human Rights. (Gardeners Road Public School – Nic Accaria, Debbie Hume & Kim Sheen) Principal — Mr Greg Bass, Assistant Principal — Mrs Wendy Fox, Assistant Principal & Teacher – Caroline Cass, Teacher – Rachel Alvarez –

Unfortunately its a National issue amongst Autism support units. The Department of Education really needs to act! Our children are not second class citizens.

Children with any Disability have a right to a proper education, safety & well-being.

A second Mother says daughter heard ‘crying all afternoon’ after autistic boy allegedly placed in school ‘sensory room’ – By Josh Bavas

A mother says her daughter could hear crying “for most of the afternoon” while an autistic boy was allegedly placed in a lockable ‘sensory room’ at a school in Sydney’s south. It comes as the Department of Education promises a thorough inquiry.

School principal stood aside after claims autistic child was locked in ‘sensory room’ – By Josh Bavas

An autism awareness advocate calls for schools across the country to ensure they are properly treating children with a disability after revelations a Sydney school Penshurst West Public School is under investigation for installing locks on rooms for students who misbehave.

@NSWEducation We need our voice heard everywhere. Children with disabilities need us as parents. The Ministry of Education must stand by us and change the legislation.


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UN Orgs Condemn Treatment of Student ‘Locked in a Cage’ in Australian Schools. Registered with United Nations Geneva (Registration No. 156839/20). The United Nations has been asked to investigate dozens of incidents in which children with disabilities were allegedly assaulted, locked in dark rooms and restrained in Australian schools. The United Nations investigating scores of alleged assaults of children with disabilities in Australian schools after a plea for help from support agencies. Director Raciti – Registered with United Nations Geneva (Registration No. 156839/20).

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